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This is MeddlingMom…

October 17, 2009

This is my first post…I am sitting here alone…missing a perfectly good meal and lots of family fun, due to the swine flu…I don’t have it, but my sister-in-law supposedly has it…I had planned to go to dinner with the family to celebrate her daughter’s birthday….but we heard yesterday about the flu…since I am around young children most days, I thought it was probably not smart to attend even though my sister-in-law will be staying home…here’s the dilemma that so many people must be having…how long is a person contagious…can the other people in the household “carry” the virus to others even though they aren’t infected….am I being too cautious? Lots of people would say, “Oh, go to dinner.  Everyone’s going to be exposed anyway!”

What would YOU DO?

Have a good night.


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