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November 24, 2009

This is MeddlingMom…

Here I sit, pondering the latest news for women’s health-women shouldn’t have annual mammograms anymore…WHAT? And then I heard annual pap tests aren’t necessary…As Whoopi Goldberg says, “What the hell?”  It’s very confusing to say the least and disheartening. In a country where our physicians are being forced to spend less time with us, co-pays and deductibles are rising out of site for many,  personal connections are at an all-time low,  people feel  isolated and overworked, we are being forced every day to review and re-evaluate everything we have always been told about our health.  I remember several years ago, my Family Practitioner wanted me to consider taking HRT’s. She told me the benefits and I told her I’d consider it, but I wasn’t having any ill-effects due to the onset of menopause…I did not start taking HRT’s. Within one year, the report came out that HRT’s were dangerous for some women.  Of course the problem is always…which women? How do I evaluate that? As one ages, one’s health history becomes more lengthy and complicated and God forbid you should forget some detail when filling in your doctor about you and your body.

I don’t know about you, but I like to receive new medical information from my physician after she has had time to carefully evaluate the findings. In some instances, they are saying, see your doctor, just don’t have the test. Does that really make sense ?  I mean you have blocked out the time for your office visit, you’ve paid your co-pay, you’ve gotten undressed for the exam and you have a qualified professional with you and…what! ….you’re going to skip the test?  Why??? You are getting less benefit, in my eyes….aren’t we missing the point? Aren’t we here TO GET THE TEST? To make sure there is NO PROBLEM based on the results of tests designed to detect cancer?

In terms of breast cancer, I understand there is an option, whether medical insurance covers thermography is another issue. Thermography is supposedly a better tool which can identify problems earlier than mammography.
I hope this was helpful..what do you think?


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