Christmas, Chanukkah, Kwanzaa, what else?

Christmas, Chanukkah, Kwanzaa….I am wondering at this time of year…  .how do you feel if you do not celebrate the big “C”? take your pick…Christ or Christmas…the insanity of the media, commercials, Christmas music, Christmas shows, Christmas gifts, holiday shopping, etc. What is it like for you or your children if you don’t celebrate a gift-giving holiday (Holy Day)….I have some young friends who are not Christian. I have not had the courage to ask the children how they feel about all of this celebrating? and gift giving that they will not be a part of…at the very least it must make them feel DIFFERENT.  How tough is that…..Christmas songs at school, Christmas decorations, Santa Claus everywhere…I wonder how they feel.

I know I am not thrilled with all of the hoopla…it leaves nothing to the imagination and not much opportunity to create an original thought on how to celebrate…mind boggling…listed below are 2 alternative ideas for those who DO have gifts to buy and are looking for something a little more interesting and something truly unique.

There is a wonderful new company, Automated Man with a great product and service for men.

With Automated Man you’ll get all your toiletry needs delivered to your door, once a month, name brands cheaper than you’d pay at the store (no kidding!). $140 worth of stuff, for only $39.99

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With Automated Mom, if you are a mom and have a son who lives away from home, take a look at  You can take care of your son…and stay in charge of your finances.
Automated Man/Mom will deliver all your son’s must-have toiletries every month. This is a great bargain and you will always know that your son or brother or whatever male in your life won’t run out of toiletries (including condoms-and that’s critical!)…they simply won’t have to think about these products…again…Visit the websites to watch informative videos and read the blog…lots of cool things to read and see.
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Package Deal!

The other item that is unique is the gift (maybe to yourself!) of the services of a Personal Life Coach.  Coaching is a partnership formed between a Personal Life Coach/Strategist and a Client in order to collaborate to define the Client’s current situation and goals and devise a strategy to pro-actively create a better life for the Client.

“A fulfilling life is one in which your life and actions reflect your values and priorities.” Take a look at to better understand the range of services available.

I hope this has been helpful and that your time in the next few weeks will be a little calmer. Chaos Control Coaching’s website has a number of interesting articles on a variety of topics (Stress, Parenting, ADD/ADHD, Divorce, Bridal Jitters, Relationship Tips) that may be of interest to you or someone in your tribe.

Have a good night.



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