This is MeddlingMom.

I had a great time yesterday visiting with some friends, having a nice homemade meal  and playing with their little girl.  Here I sit today…it is nearly 6 PM,…and I have a list a mile long of things I must accomplish in the next week. I’ve completed nothing, nada! I haven’t even showered…I guess we all have days like this…the only problem is that tomorrow at 7:30AM, my doors open for business…I have a small daycare in my home…the little ones will be arriving and I will lose all ability to accomplish anything on my list until after 5:30PM…such is life…Of course we all know we need some down time to simply be mindless and we know that everything that needs to be done, WILL be done!  At some point, we recognize that there is no choice and no more time to procrastinate

So I wonder what you do to cut to the chase and to manage your list…my list seems to grow and grow with little opportunity to have many items crossed off of it…I am open to suggestion….

I guess I will go look at my list, attempt to complete a few small items, have a shower, have dinner and settle in to some  fun TV…60 Minutes, Oprah’s special at the Whitehouse…of course Brothers and Sisters isn’t on tonight due to Oprah’s special.  I don’t feel particularly stressed about any of this right now; I feel pretty zen…at least ’til I stop typing this …

Have a good night.


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2 Responses to “Procrastination”

  1. Jill Says:

    One thing I do is… after I make my list I circle two things that absolutely must get done that day no matter what. These are not things like showering. They are work things or chores – things I’d rather not do. Then I tackle those first.

    • meddlingmom Says:

      That’s a great idea, Jill. I will implement that concept today…one thing I do try to do, but often forget is to “think COMPLETION”…what could I complete in the next 5 minutes, hour, etc.

      Thanks for your idea!

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