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Today I decided to try to figure out why I can’t get any results when I do a mail search in my Yahoo account. I get zero results…My daughter suggested to me that the 55,000+ unopened e-mails could be the problem and that perhaps I should seek help from Yahoo on how to purge most e-mails quickly.  I contacted Yahoo via IM and at first the person seemed to be willing to help me. He asked me several questions to secure my account and then asked me what my security QUESTION was.  I said I had no idea what the question was, but if he gave me the question, I could certainly give a correct answer.  That didn’t work for him. He then told me he wouldn’t be able to help me without the question. I even said,”Is it related to my mother, where I was born or my pet?” He couldn’t have cared less. He was DONE.  At that point I tried to go into my account and find the question in order to change the question. When I went in there it stated that I needed to tell them the question in order to change the question…UNBELIEVABLE! What nonsense. When did the QUESTION become a part of the quiz? I mean I have umpteen usernames, passwords and security questions.  As you probably have done, most of these are the same with a few exceptions…but the questions? These are pretty familiar, a few that are used by everyone…in what city were you born..duh….

By the way, the guy was gone! He left me high and dry…most of all, alone.  Oh, he did assure me that the problem was not due to the huge number of e-mails.  So here I am, it’s been determined that there is actually a technical problem and the tech support has signed off…Unbelievable!

When I went back in to try to change the question (so I’d KNOW what my question was and be able to get tech support), I came across a page that said I should give them another e-mail address as a backup-they will send me an e-mail to verify that that is my e-mail. I immediately get a message on my screen that the new address is unverified (in red, of course) and another message that states that I cannot have 2 Yahoo accounts open at the same moment on the computer.  So I then have to close out of Yahoo, go into the second account, open the e-mail to verify that it’s mine.  I can’t even remember what happened then, whether the verification e-mail said they should have a cell phone number for me or whether I went back to my primary account in search of the security question and came across something telling me to supply a cell phone number. Long story short, I supplied the number and immediately received a text message giving me instructions to give a code somewhere or send a text that says “STOP!”.  I sent the text to STOP.

So here I am right back where I started, but a number of hours later, no resolution and absolutely no confidence in Yahoo’s commitment to provide technical support.

How does one reach a real person at Yahoo;  I need to have a conversation.

Have a good night…and wish me luck as I pursue this.  For the record, I  have yet to see any question or place to answer a question.

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