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How’s your health? Eat RAW!

February 22, 2010

I’ve been studying what to do to lose mucho weight, become fit and healthy and leave behind all of my prescriptions for medications…I’ve been watching Doctor Oz, who offers an incredible amount of useful concepts and tips for becoming healthier. A friend of mine, told me she has also been watching The Doctor’s and has learned a lot about how to get healthier.

My conclusion is that it is completely up to me to figure out what works for my body’ I am very tired of the tired old answers…diet, exercise, have bypass surgery or a lapband procedure…for some reason, those things don’t work for most people…I believe the food supply is a culprit…processed foods to be precise.  Between high fructose corn syrup, all forms of MSG (which helps makes lab rats FAT!) and the chemicals, additives, preservatives, we are killing ourselweves..our bodies cannot figure out what to do with all of that processed muck we are feeding ourselves…we can’t process the unnatural substances we are ingesting…

My daughter sent me a link last week that touts eating RAW foods and getting rid of your diabetes in a short period of time.  Here it is…

If you’d prefer a book as opposed to a DVD, check out this link:

Good luck! Do this for your family, your loved will save your life!

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