Meditation and other ways towards self-discovery

I read a blog this morning about meditation and how people struggle to “do it the right way” as if there is such a is merely a tool.

Here is my response to that blog:

Meditation…I agree with you…it is helpful and can be done anywhere…I wanted to mention to you that something  I have found to be useful in  moving to a different level of understanding of myself/self-discovery is to do stream of consciousness writing...that is when you decide to write for a specific number of minutes without restricting yourself to a subject …you just let words flow with no regard to spelling , punctuation, penmanship…you might be writing, I don’t know why I am doing this stupid exercise ( yes, I have written that) or anything.  If you allow yourself the freedom to BE FREE in this exercise, you will always learn something about your feelings and your reality that you did not know before.  It is wonderful…. it is also a great exercise to do with a small group of people who you love.

Also, I have learned that I am 100% responsible for my life and its outcomes. This is very freeing to know … that I am the expert and that everything I need to know ultimately will be told to me by my heart, mind, soul and body if I allow it to speak to me and to  be heard…Obviously this also means that I will observe the world and people around me and hear what is offered; I will make sure I incorporate the wisdom of others.

I hope this has been useful for you.

My blog address is and my website is listed below.

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This is MeddlingMom…have a good day!


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