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Astrology, Mercury in retrograde and a Full Moon!

April 27, 2010

This is MeddlingMom,

Astrology is impacting my life this week; see what you think. How much do you know about it?

I wonder how your week is going. I had a great weekend, though Sunday (during the day) felt a little stressful. Sunday evening, I received an unsettling phone call that one of the children I care for each day will not be returning to the daycare. Things have been going smoothly in the daycare. I recently hired someone to help part time and she is working out nicely. My daycare contract states that 30 days notice is required for termination.  There was NO NOTICE given.  Anyway, such a change impacts my income and that of my employee. It also feels pretty crummy to have no notice because each child is very special to me and would be missed. I put a lot of time and energy into learning to understand what each child needs and how each child functions. Unique individuals….So there was definitely an OUCH! factor involved here. I also have the consideration of whether my new employee will feel threatened or upset by the news wondering whether her job and her income are in jeopardy.  So that was a conversation that happened several times over…I will work diligently to add another child to the daycare, part time or full time.

This morning I backed my car into my employee’s car……c.r ..u.n.c.h.!  I had no idea there was anything in back of me…Ugh! That was when we were getting ready to take the children to story time at the library. I was really rattled…I had already whacked my head hard on my car while leaning into the car. The kids were clamoring at the front door, banging on it…letting me know they were ready to leave…so I was just a little distracted…not an excuse.  Luckily it looks like there isn’t too much damage to Missy’s car or to mine.

All of these events are baffling to say the least. My life has been going along so smoothly. Although I work long hours, things have been rather seamless. Then someone mentioned to me yesterday that Mercury is in retrograde and has been since April 18…that explains  a lot. Things seem to go haywire and just don’t work when Mercury is in retrograde. Unfortunately, this will be the situation until May 13.  Then I found out that there will be a full moon on April 28. A  full moon usually impacts at least a week around the actual date. These two factors allow me to have some understanding regarding the shambles my life appears to be this week. Full moons can be emotional times; people seem to do things that make no sense at all, things that are out of character for that individual.

What I am wondering is whether you are experiencing upsetting moments due to Mercury in retrograde or the upcoming full moon.

Have a smooth day…

Volcano, Earthquakes, Larry King, Melissa Etheridge …what is going on?

April 15, 2010

This is MeddlingMom…I was reading with  interest about the worldwide ramifications  of the Volcano in Iceland. It is hard to imagine that airports in the United States are shut down due to the Volcano.   Who’d a thunk it?  What is going on? Between earthquakes in China and all over the world what are we to think? Can we ever feel safe and secure? I heard a couple whose flight was canceled say that they were really happy they have flight insurance…something to think about when you fly.

Next is Larry King…getting divorced for the 8th time? He’s been married 8 times to 7 women. What? He has two young sons and has always talked about how happy he was in this marriage…As Whoopee Goldberg says, “What the hell…?” Has the world gone mad?

Then there is Melissa Etheridge. She and her partner are splitting up…what a shame…they have twins…

Happy Tax Day!

Easter and other holidays

April 5, 2010

Yesterday was Easter…what did you do? Is it a big holiday for you, do you celebrate it with your family or do you prefer to treat it like any other day, rather than a holiday…or perhaps you aren’t a Christian and don’t acknowledge it at all.  This year my partner and I did nothing about the holiday…we seem to be very busy in our every day lives so we decided to just be…in the house…quietly doing whatever we wanted…not needing a ham or lamb or anything except solitude and peace.  It was a great day..for me going through bags of paper…mail, notes to myself, lists, periodicals, catalogs, coupons and so much more.  Do you have paper clutter at your house?  Mine is just insane, so it was great to have a day where I could look through and purge much of it…

Actually on Friday some young friends of ours who do not happen to be Christian were here and we cooked 3 dozen eggs which they happily dyed and decorated; they had a great time…so we really felt we had already done a little something for Easter.

I encourage you  to spend your time as you wish, doing what makes you happy and content; usually we spend holidays with family. We always have a great time, just as we did yesterday.
On another note, I heard about two books this morning while watching Good Morning America on ABC.

Take a look at “This Is Not The Story You Think It Is” by Laura Munson.  It is Ms. Munson’s story about taking charge of her life when she had marital problems, about becoming powerful rather than powerless and assessing what she wanted and needed..

The other book, written by Suzy Welch is entitled “10-10-10”.  Her book is about a systematic way of making the right decisions about your life, incorporating your values and priorities into the decision-making process. The paperback edition has a workbook in it also.

Have a good day. Hope your Easter was as good as mine…

This is MeddlingMom…

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