Easter and other holidays

Yesterday was Easter…what did you do? Is it a big holiday for you, do you celebrate it with your family or do you prefer to treat it like any other day, rather than a holiday…or perhaps you aren’t a Christian and don’t acknowledge it at all.  This year my partner and I did nothing about the holiday…we seem to be very busy in our every day lives so we decided to just be…in the house…quietly doing whatever we wanted…not needing a ham or lamb or anything except solitude and peace.  It was a great day..for me going through bags of paper…mail, notes to myself, lists, periodicals, catalogs, coupons and so much more.  Do you have paper clutter at your house?  Mine is just insane, so it was great to have a day where I could look through and purge much of it…

Actually on Friday some young friends of ours who do not happen to be Christian were here and we cooked 3 dozen eggs which they happily dyed and decorated; they had a great time…so we really felt we had already done a little something for Easter.

I encourage you  to spend your time as you wish, doing what makes you happy and content; usually we spend holidays with family. We always have a great time, just as we did yesterday.
On another note, I heard about two books this morning while watching Good Morning America on ABC.

Take a look at “This Is Not The Story You Think It Is” by Laura Munson.  It is Ms. Munson’s story about taking charge of her life when she had marital problems, about becoming powerful rather than powerless and assessing what she wanted and needed..

The other book, written by Suzy Welch is entitled “10-10-10”.  Her book is about a systematic way of making the right decisions about your life, incorporating your values and priorities into the decision-making process. The paperback edition has a workbook in it also.

Have a good day. Hope your Easter was as good as mine…

This is MeddlingMom…


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2 Responses to “Easter and other holidays”

  1. andy Says:

    hi tina,
    the holidays are strange, because though I love to be with my sisters and their families, it’s just as you said…….i feel so busy all week with work that selfishly, i just want to crash on the weekends. but then i miss everyone, and so, it’s a cycle that we go through, i guess. anyway! our easter was lovely and quiet as well. grace and i dyed eggs (it’s a tradition, after all) and i made a nice dinner (nope, not ham!)

    and after all is said and done – it really is okay to stay home quietly on easter or any day, really.


    • meddlingmom Says:

      I know what you mean, An…there is a tug…sounds like you had a good time and it met your needs, which is important. Remember we dd talk before about making holidays easy, no big deal food…pizza and take out…sometimes rest just seems more important…..but we do need to get together when it is not a holiday and just enjoy!

      back at you

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