Volcano, Earthquakes, Larry King, Melissa Etheridge …what is going on?

This is MeddlingMom…I was reading with  interest about the worldwide ramifications  of the Volcano in Iceland. It is hard to imagine that airports in the United States are shut down due to the Volcano.   Who’d a thunk it?  What is going on? Between earthquakes in China and all over the world what are we to think? Can we ever feel safe and secure? I heard a couple whose flight was canceled say that they were really happy they have flight insurance…something to think about when you fly.

Next is Larry King…getting divorced for the 8th time? He’s been married 8 times to 7 women. What? He has two young sons and has always talked about how happy he was in this marriage…As Whoopee Goldberg says, “What the hell…?” Has the world gone mad?

Then there is Melissa Etheridge. She and her partner are splitting up…what a shame…they have twins…

Happy Tax Day!


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