Transition-Changes in the Workplace-Adjusting

Ah, your job…you go there every day and expect certain things to be the same…your manager, your benefits, your workspace, expectations of you and the people who surround you and make your work environment enjoyable. A friend of mine recently had a change in her work space, a change that she had no opportunity to impact. It was simply thrust on her. Now, mind you, she has a good job, one which she is not anxious to leave.  On Friday her entire workspace was moved to an area where the only person within 25 feet is her manager. Oh, that sounds like fun, right?

The truth is, her manager is a “good guy”, but even so…exchanging being with your compadres with being with your boss? Mmmm…I don’t think so…but that is what she is left to deal with… when she arrived at work this week, her workspace was less than desirable to say the least. Coping can be quite a challenge.  First of all her computer wasn’t on the right side of her desk, there was some industrial hook hanging above her (she works in a manufacturing environment)…not a cool or safe way to go.  It was pretty depressing….

The human spirit is fascinating and we are infinitely creative and flexible. The next day when she arrived at work, the situation got better as she proceeded through her workday.  What happened? Someone removed the dangerous metal hook…that was a good thing…then, that same person came over and adjusted the goings on related to her computer, so that now her computer was in the right place and she could start to feel more “at home” with her work space.  The next day was even better…she discovered a bonus! Although she was next to her immediate superior, she was on the far side of his workspace; he was facing the rest of the room…nobody could see her and what she was doing! Not that she is doing anything wrong, but it is definitely nice to NOT be in a fish bowl (or feel like you are).
Time will tell whether this space will truly work for my friend,, but at this point, we seem to have the  ultimate example of turning lemons into lemonade!

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