Technology Update

I  recently wrote about the trials and tribulations of copying a video on my dvd recorder and being able to watch it on a different dvd player.  After I wrote that blog entry, I decided to call tech support for the player on which I wanted to watch the dvd.  I was told that it should play and that if it didn’t, I hadn’t finalized the recording. I said that I had because when I record it tells you that it is finalizing when you complete recording. I thought I should check out the recorder to see if there was something I had missed. I got out the manual and discovered that going in to another menu, my dvd’s had finalized except that on each one the last 4 minutes had not finalized.  I corrected the problem by finalizing each one…it only took about a minute on each because only 4 minutes hadn’t been finalized earlier…so…voila! I now can view the discs on other dvd players!  Hope that helps you!

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