Daytime TV-ADs

It was 8:58AM. I was watching Good Morning America.  A commercial came on with a woman in a bra bulging out of it-not sexy or anything, just needing a bra overhaul.  The commercial goes on to direct the viewer to a site. During the commercial you are shown how the woman looks in her new bra. Frankly, I don’t see that she looks so great.  Do you know that look where you see that it is obvious that the breasts are not lifted up-where the inner side of the breast is showing and clearly hanging down?  I HATE THAT LOOK!  How and when did anyone ever decide that that is a good or desireable look?  Now I know that as a feminist defining a woman and her worth by focusing on her body parts and her appearance is a no-no.  But-COME ON!-I think it all started with the idea that showing breasts in any way is desireable.  Also lots of women simply find any excuse to wear revealing clothing (lots of times a bra simply won’t work under such clothing).  Now don’t get me wrong-I like cleavage as much as anyone, but I am talking about a slovenliness that is unappealing.

Anyway, I started writing about this to bring to light that women in bulging bras or any undergarments aren’t appropriate for daytime  TV….children might be around…there was no warning that such a commercial was about to air…

The other thing I wanted to mention was the commercial about FEMALE ODORS…like we are skunks or worse!  I have seen these aired on Lifetime TV during weekday afternoons and also on other stations daytime and nighttime. Now the fact is that I can’t possibly know what other offensive ads are shown on all of the channels, but someone has to get a grip here.  I think I will contact ABC and Lifetime.  Maybe you could, too.

About the feminine products and female odors, a friend of mine wants to know when a commercial will be done about the EVER-PRESENT, NOT-SO-POPULAR BALL STENCH!  Maybe on Monday night football?

This is MeddlingMom…


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