Happy Halloween! Take a look at this site for last minute ideas!

If you need last minute Halloween ideas, take a look!

Everyone is very busy today getting ready for Halloween….myself included…Yesterday I went to one of those farm-type places that sells pumpkins and decorations (indoor and out), apple cider, homemade pickles, bales of hay, free-range  eggs (these are collected twice a day) and plants-mostly mums right now. It was fun. I picked up a yard decoration, a witch that said, “Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet” and a number of other items…

On the agenda for later today is attending a pre-school Halloween Parade with two toddlers, one dressed as a spider and one as Elmo!…then we will have a very small “party”…for the 3 children involved….

What I find at this time of year is that many adults really enjoy Hallowwen….I know that many people find it to be their favorite holiday..not too much fuss, not too expensive and it’s over the night of the event! Not like some other holidays which seem to go on and on…each one has its own merit..the only down side of this one is that some religious Christians don’t believe in parrticipating. We are all entitled to do what we feel is best.  Another plus for Halloween is that people of most religions DO participate, so this holiday can bring people together. It is a very festive occasion and so much fun fantasizing about what to be and how to create that look.

I also took stock of the bags of goodies to give out on Sunday…making sure there is variety and quantity…we’re set!

An aside, please continue to look at www.socialbuy.com and look for the deal with AutomatedMan-The Ultimate Toiletry Kit…it’s a steal!  The deal is available only for 2 more days!  Do it now and tell your friends!

Also, I am happy to see that so many people have enjoyed the blog about eating healthy that was written by a guest contributor several dayas ago!

This is MeddlingMom…have a great Halloween!   Here’s some scary music for you!


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