Tuesday is the big day-P-L-E-E-E-E-A-S- E   make sure you vote!

Whatever your party or affiliation, as Americans we have the responsibility to Vote EVERY TIME. So manysuffered, fought (both literally and figuratively) and died for us all to have the privilege to vote. We owe it to our predecessors to affirm what they have done for us, to appreciate what our troops continue to do for us…to protect our rights…one of those rights is to express our opinion and cast our votes freely in each election.

Take a moment to look at a clip from Rachel Maddow’s show last night. She lists the accomplishments of the Obama administration so far. It is impressive.

Democracy is NOT a spectator sport. While it may appear to be fun to watch from the sidelines, we really are an inherent part of the process. Without our votes, there cannot be a conclusion or a winner in the process. Oh, it HAS been a weird and intense election season this year….all of the acrimony and rudeness…it has been exasperating and entertaining depending on the day and the particular speaker or candidate. The truths and untruths (who can tell which is which?) have been amazing and insane…difficult to listen to.   I understand from some of the longtime political analysts that campaigns and politics in this country have been similar to this year’s experience  for much of our history.

Having two parties necessarily REQUIRES the candidates and the voters to disagree because we have different points of view, goals and allegiances. Where is the fine line…..where can we draw it- between having differing views and the outright nastiness that can completely turn off voters? How does our way serve the country? Not well in my book. We already have a high percentage of voters who don’t vote-not to mention all of  those who are elligible and aren’t registered.

How did we come to this point and how do we turn this around? At this juncture, I say WHO CARES?  Just go out and VOTE and vote for the candidates who exhibit the qualities that will help our country to become stable once again.  Look at who appears to care about the country and our people.Vote for those who are genuinely seeking SOLUTIONS.  This country was founded by those who explored and who believed in solutions.

….and call your family, friends and neighbors…if you need to, take them to the polls to vote…your aid can make a huge difference!

This is MeddlingMom…Happy Election Day!


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