TALENT-Larimie Garcia

TALENT….take a look….

I’ve become aware of a talent in the past year, someone you should become familiar with….

Most know him as Larimie. He was raised in the California sunshine by other mammals in concrete dwellings nestled in a land of a thousand oaks. Nurtured by elders of his tribe, he grew up to be an eclectic creature. Guided by the deer and powered by the wolf, his keen sensibilities reflect an intrigue and interest of the harmonies and anomalies that exist in nature. His visions are inspired by ancient and contemporary cultures as well as structures, patterns and systems occurring in nature. Fragments of his experiences exist widely through media in the modern world. Larimie works in a range of media without limitations. From paper to pixels, he creates graphics and imagery for television, film, print, internet and fashion. He has packaged albums with compelling imagery for musicians known worldwide. Larimie’s insights have been cultivated by companies seeking more fulfillment and excitement in their brand. His art can been seen outside of his cavern in galleries and on the grittiest urban streets. Larimie continues to generate creative content and sublime art direction in new media and various visual experiences that surprise the imagination.




Larimie’s business, Gig, was founded in 1996 in Southern California. Larimie has produced packaging and logotypes for many recording artists such as Janet Jackson, The Black Crowes, Daniel Lanois, Sheryl Crow, k.d. lang, The Crystal Method,Porno for Pyros, Erasure and more.
He offers: art direction, design, content development, web design, motion design, logo + identity development, hand lettering + font creation, illustration, character design, photography, make-up and anything else you can imagine.

Larimie dabbles in media of all sorts – always seeking new forms of expression. From his studio in Southern California, he continues to produce hip print work, fine art, typefaces, web sites, motion graphics, photos, and make-up design. Companies of all sizes, bands, ad agencies, movie studios and art directors all across the world turn to Gig Design for creative solutions. 

Creative content creation and sublime art direction in new media + print visual experiences surprise the imagination. Gigspot works in a range of media without limitations. from paper to pixels, Gigspot creates graphics and imagery for television, film, print, internet and fashion.  

Larimie’s goals are to also include focusing  on his personal projects. He is currently working on a fine art piece. It will be a multimedia video installation called “return of the dark owl” He is also working on his new t-shirt company called WOOLVES. launching this before the 2010 holidays.  Some pictures are included below.        

woolves-tortura.jpg             woolves.jpg                                                                       

Main Hub to connect with Larimie is LarimieGarcia.com

Commercial Design work is at Gigspot.com 

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/gigspot

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/larimie

To see Larimie’s work…or to make a purchase, go to:


Enjoy his work….this is MeddlingMom


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