Dancing With the Stars! how did this happen? Bristol Palin is one of the best?

Well here we are with the craziest turn of events this  season with Dancing With the Stars!  How is it possible that Bristol Palin has survived all of the cuts this far and wonderful dancers like Cheryl Burke and Rick Fox  or Kurt Warner and Anna Trebunskaya  have been voted off?  This is frightening…not because this show is important to fulfilling the American  Dream, but because the results of the voting  and Bristols’s status in the contest are gifts from the disingenuous members of Operation Bristol, a get-out-the-vote movement of the Christian Right. They are hell-bent on securing the title for Bristol, regardless of her lack of talent and the fact that she is probably the least effective dancer this season.  Their votes are consistent with their lack of interest in truth and justice; they are, after all, followers of Sarah Palin, Bristol’s mother. It is hard to imagine that for any other contestant popularity could be the deciding factor. Should someone with much less talent than each of the other dancers possibly be in the finals? The scope of her dancing talent is limited and when her performance is compared to that of the other dancers, she really is not even in their league. This system isn’t working… Bristol’s is barely able to put on a good performance….yes, she is young and sweet….The problem is not who wins on this show; the real issue is that Sarah Palin and her followers are exposing the flawed system of the show and they are making a mockery of the entire show and its viewers ( as if the show isn’t a mockery anyway!).  Their “mama grisley” approach necessarily will make other voters feel hopeless about having an impact on who wins.  (Oh, my!)

The idea that Bristol Palin could actually end up winning this competition is chilling and hopefully the vapid American public will learn something if there is  such a conclusion…THESE TYPES OF SHOWS HAVE NO VALUE to a society that has poor test scores, failing schools, an enormous high school drop out rate, drug problems, poverty issues.  We should be having conversations about what is important to securing our country’s role as a leader in the world. We and our children could use more time talking about ideas than watching such folly.  Yes, I like watching the dancers and love the costumes, but we are accomplishing nothing with such programming….except to continue to PROVE that we  are the anti-intellectual, non-thinking society that we are…the latest nail polish and beauties (or Dancing With the Stars contestants) are NOT more important than actually THINKING  (about almost ANYTHING other than shows like this!)

This is MeddlingMom….


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2 Responses to “Dancing With the Stars! how did this happen? Bristol Palin is one of the best?”

  1. Robbie Oliver Says:

    I am not a member of the Tea Party or Registered Republican but I do enjoy the entertainment that “Dancing with the Stars” provides. This G rated TV reality show is worthy of Bristol Palin. This is America for goodness sakes where freedom can be and is expressed by the citizens of USA. Bristol makes me proud as though she is my daughter. I was once a single mother and do understand her energy to succeed in an arena of semi-professionals. She makes me feel that anyone in the USA can keep up with the Jones, so to speak. Keep it up, Bristol!!

    • meddlingmom Says:

      Are you actually saying you think Bristol earned her status with her performances? Surely, you jest! I, too, was a single parent and feel for her in that regard, but truly talented people with superior performances have been cast off due to this very strange voting set up. I never believe you should win when you aren’t the best or near the best. That supports cheating and being rewarded for such. It isn’t a good, strong way to create a life…it fosters a foundation with the strength of jelly. It doesn’t support what Bristol or anyone else needs to become mature, healthy, honest adults. That requires a core value of honesty.

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