The Cheaper, Cleaner Toilet Paper Alternative

Take a look at this fascinating information. It makes a lot of sense…

Dr. Mercola has a great idea about a way to be cleaner and help to save the environment…a good holiday gift to yourself and others! Be sure to view the video and then put your cursor at the bottom of the video screen to view a number of other video clips, some enlightening and some just plain strange!

Here’s another interesting article about bidets

Here is info and a link for a travel bidet…seems quite convenient. What I am wondering is…if I start using a bidet, will I become OCD about it…will I become neurotic about toilet habits and conditions. If there is one thing I know I don’t want, it is to have more things in my life become “issues” or to complicate my life with more things that I need in order to be content and happy…The truth is, that a bidet does sound like you would feel remarkably clean.  Rinsing after using the toilet DOES make sense…

A bidet attachment would be a great holiday gift for yourself or a friend or family member.

This is MeddlingMom…have a great day!


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