Does Swearing Reduce Pain? The pain of road rage…and Botox

Holy @//!#!, does it ever! Or so concludes a British study published recently in the journal NeuroReport.

It makes perfect sense…think about whether you feel better when you swear…some of us do.  It can give great relief and release to spout out obscenities. According to the British study, swearing can actually help to diminish pain.

Aside from the actual pain issue in the study, how do you feel about swearing in general?  I feel that sometimes a specific curse word can really drive home a point; others feel that cursing is a cop out for doing the work and finding the correct word to impart one’s thoughts and  feelings. Or they simply aren’t comfortable hearing curse words.  How you feel about someone using an actual word verses cursing in anger are also other issues to be reviewed and digested by each of us.  I, personally, don’t identify with anger being spewed about so when someone yells and screams (whether cursing or not), I am turned off and tend to shut down wanting to shut out the entire incident even though the anger may not be directed at me.  I wish the person would just stop.

A case in point would be road rage…driving along in a car with someone when that person gets c-r-a-a-z-y over something that happens on the road, something that cannot be controlled by anyone in our vehicle.  Here we have come full circle …here is a topic not often addressed…there is pain inflicted by those who exhibit road rage…the pain is inflicted on others in the same vehicle, not on the jerk in another car who may not even know he/she he is bothering anyone!  When you do have road rage, remember that you are inflicting pain on the passengers in YOUR car, people who you have CHOSEN  (presumably) to spend time with..people who cannot get away from your ranting even though they did not cause the ranting…hostages, if you will.   It sucks….merely innocent bystanders.

Yes, I have gotten off the subject..cursing does help you to endure pain so if you are in labor, you may actually be able to deal with the pain if you curse…go at it…girl!  Why not?  While it may not feel like your most glorious moment after the fact…it may help you tremendously at that painful moment….
Speaking of pain…I wonder… I am fortunate to have been able to have  a botox  injection (actually in 8 places on my face) the other day for a facial spasm…it can hurt…I try to breathe and count backwards in my head and be very quiet in my entire being. I think it helps…you know that isn’t a time when one can entertain the type of breathing recommended for childbirth…panting would not work…it might distract my doctor and the injection could end up in the wrong place with an odd result to say the least…No, I don’t think I will resort to swearing while I get these injections…not prudent…Since one of the links here mentions finding  a qualified dermatologist for botox injections, I should mention that for my situation, my physician is a highly specialized ophthalmologist .

So, folks, I say swear away and if you are angry, it is best to swear while alone unless you want to swear at the person who has made you angry.  There are other ways to deal with your anger…oh, I will save that for another day….you could always do some writing and sort out your feelings…blah…blah…blah…(that might take some work!)

This is MeddlingMom…let me know what you think!


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