Greetings from Sunny California! Happy New Year!

Well, it is sunny and I am having a wonderful vacation…but there are some Californians who tell lies when it comes to the weather here.  It is really cold and damp here this time of year…right now at 8:42AM it is 45 degrees…have you ever heard any self-respecting southern Californian tell you that such a temperature exists here in the Los Angeles area even in December.  I don’t know, I keep hearing accounts from my friend Stu that it’s 85 degrees and that he’s been wearing shorts! SHORTS??? With what else…a mink coat?  The high for today is supposed to be 55 degrees.  Enough about that!

Having said all of the that, back in the Philadelphia area, it’s around 30 degrees right now and I understand that 12 inches of snow was a gift to Philadelphians on Monday.  Oh, it was such fun to wake up in Santa Moncia and hear about the weather back home and call our wonderful Snow Slayer, Terry, and ask him to take care of shoveling our property…what a treat!  Yes, life is good…

Yesterday I had a phenominal massage at The Massage Place  by a wonderful massage therapist, Karen. She is a healer, truly.  Here is her website.

That’s all for now…time to get ready to go to a birthday brunch!

This is MeddlingMom!  If your favorite single guy needs a personal hygiene boost, take a look at subscribing for him to meet all of his toiletry and grooming  needs.  www. or


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