Discontinued? Buy in Bulk!

Stock up! Buy ahead!  Everything gets discontinued!

I am sick of it!  Sick, sick, sick…it started out for me years ago with bras..I’d spend all this time finding the right bra, the perfect bra, buy a few and I’d go home very content.  Then a year would go by and I would want to buy new bras, I’d return to the store to buy them and the bra I had been so happy with was no longer available…oh, come on…please…it is just all too much…the bra is gone, whisked away, no longer on the face of the earth. Did the manufacturer consult you or me before making such a huge change in our lives? No…The company simply doesn’t care about how hard it is to find the perfect bra- the one that is comfy, doesn’t ride up, doesn’t bind, makes your “girls” look perky or however you want them to look.

That’s just the beginning of it..

We are trying to go “green” and organic at our house. Now you know how difficult it is even decide to attempt such huge changes, to research products, to try a new product (or new to you), see if you like it, commit to it (because it’s good for you and the planet).  Oh, you get so excited about it – the fact that you are using THIS ONE PRODUCT and LIKE IT and IT IS GREEN!!!  And of course in the back of your mind is the question, how green is it ? …how do I know or is just passing itself off as green?  you know the drill…on and on… So imagine my disappointment…I found a great detergent for washing dishes at the sink.  It is green.  I tried another green one about 4 months ago and hated it – so I made sure to go back and buy the one I liked again.

Well, for the past 2 weeks, my liquid has been threatening to completely disappear from the bottle – it is almost gone.  I went to the store – they said it would be in in a few days.  I went back to the store- they said it’s been discontinued. NO-O-O-O-O=O!!!  I called 2 of the chain’s other stores.  The second one had 5 of them on the shelf.  I asked them to put them aside for me.  Now you know these will probably last for 2 years or close to it!  Whew!! I feel relieved!  That gives me a reprieve…some time to find another product that is comparable!

We have all had the same situation with many other products, your mascara no longer comes in dark brown (it’s only available in black now), the undies you’ve been buying for years don’t exist anymore, Mr Salty pretzels are nowhere! Why?  They were so good! Chef Boyardee canned cheese raviolis are gone! The worst is lipstick…they take away a favorite color and you are lost and bewildered in a sea of colors at the cosmetic counter.  That is such a hated job, finding the right lipstick, The list goes on and on and on…

It makes you wonder..the companies do much marketing to get people to try and buy a product and to enjoy that product..It’s odd that the people don”t count …of course most products are probably discontinued due to lack of sales….it just seems there should be something in place to poll people to see if they are ready to give up that item…I guess there is already..it’s called sales…but maybe they could try to create a more sophisticated system.  The fact that WE aren’t buying ENOUGH of the item doesn’t mean we aren’t important, does it?

So it comes down to the fact that we Americans, who have so much available to us, simply can’t have what we want always. We have to adapt to not being able to find Zero candy bars and so many other items…sometimes we don’t even realize an item isn’t around.  It suddenly pops into your head,”Hey! Whatever happened to….?”

My advice is that after you have found that you like an item, go back and stock up…get a year’s worth to ease your pain should that item disappear from the store shelves.

I would love to hear from you if you have some items that have disappointed you by disappearing…

This is MeddlingMom…


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2 Responses to “Discontinued? Buy in Bulk!”

  1. andy Says:

    recently, clinique discontinued my favorite red lipstick and i’ve been on a hunt for something similar for a few months. needless to say, i’ve bought a few stinkers.

    the other item that strikes a chord are cookies called “Brown Edge Wafers”. they were carl’s favorite and i wrote to the manufacturer and were told that they are no longer being made. boooooooo!!!! I did try to make them and though carl acted all excited and he was grateful that i tried, they were not the same.

    How about this one, Carl’s childhood bakery, Peter Pan, closed their doors almost 2 years ago. so now I can no longer purchase their pound cake for his birthday. yes, i know, we make our own pound cake from scratch, but my husband liked peter pan’s better (and that was fine with me!) We did get a recipe for the pound cake from the store, but it would take a chemical engineer to figure out how to reduce the recipe.

    well, there’s my rant. good post, ti!!

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