The New Year…one month in…what do YOU want?

It’s difficult to believe that almost a month has gone by since the new year started….it just blew by…first the virus that was going around came through our house with a force.  After that a not-so-common cold came through. I have had it for 3 weeks…the doctor says it is  nothing!  I don’t know about you, but being in the Philadelphia area, I am so disgusted with the weather.  Bitter weather arrived, I believe, around mid-November.  Then the snow started.  The bitter cold left a week or so ago. I was out doing errands one day and saw someone wearing no coat.  It actually felt like it was spring by comparison to the 2 months prior; the temperature was around 32  that day! 

In addition to the nastiness we had, it has been snowing the past few weeks twice  a week! Yes, that’s what I said TWICE A WEEK!  That is really unheard of for this area!  A few years ago we barely took our shovels out of the garage and then it was for a few inches!  So I would imagine with the massive storm that is blanketing 30 states that most people reading this would say they are sick and tired of winter. And it being February 1st, we are probably not finished with bad weather for the season.

At the very least, there are probably loads of people who are feeling some sense of depression or seasonal affective disorder.  One of things that has me so ticked off is the unpredictability of a day’s events. With the threat of snow or ice comes the added job of waking up earlier to check to see if snow removal is needed and if it is the phone call and tending to the snow removal person.  Morning  and getting ready for the day is stressful enough without dealing with the special needs of the snow/rain/weather forecast.  Do we have ice melt? What does this particular day’s events and predictions need? It takes away one’s ability to start the day with any peace at all.  Okay, enough of that…on to what’s really important.

Forget about New Year’s resolutions…have you been thinking throughout January about what you really want to change in your life…other than the size of your hips or thighs (which is also an admirable change)…this is a great time to do some daily or weekly writing…to get in touch with yourself and what is working in your life and what needs adjusting…what gnaws at you…what brings you peace.  Even a few minutes of meditation can be helpful to you finding what you need…it isn’t difficult to do…takes no time to learn…take a look at Deepak Chopra’s quick meditation method on Dr. Oz’s site.  It can be done is 5 minutes or so.  As a Personal Life Coach/Strategist, I also have a method that I have introduced my clients to. Here’s how it works: When you find yourself stressed…maybe at work or at home or in the car, find a quiet place. It can be a stall in the rest room, or you can pull over on the side of the road.  Close your eyes and take a few deep and slow breaths…allowing yourself to just breathe and think about nothing.  Do that for about 5 minutes…you will feel better, your anxiety and upet will have diminished and you will have found a new way to take care of yourself…and it is free!  And renewable any time you need to decompress, you now have the tools to do so quickly! Not bad!

Meditating or writing in the early morning may give you a tranquility that will result in clarity for you; you will see what’s working for you and what is not.  This is a super way to jump start your day!

This is MeddlingMom….Namaste


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