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Well, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow…have you been thinking about it? Are you prepared for the big day? Even if you are not, there is much opportunity for you to make Valentine’s Day special. You can buy flowers, write  a poem, draw a caricature, sing a song, give a massage, do a pedicure or a manicure or a hand massage or a foot rub. You still have time to purchase any of the items I just mentioned if that works better for you and your people. For a son or nephew away at college or living in a first apartment, a subscription to Automated Man’s automatic toiletry delivery service would be a great gift.   Remember, your child would love a video, or some technology or a gift card …the possibilities are endless depending on the age of your offspring.  The day does not have to be expensive,  but your gift should be based on what will tickle the person you love and what will bring you closer together. It could be a promise to spend the afternoon playing games together or going for a hike. I remember when I was a teenager, my mother would buy me a small gift like a new slip…that may sound strange today, but I loved receiving a little something that was personal and that showed she knew what I might enjoy.  She was thougtful that way. I remember (on any day) she was big on sending cards for no reason at all..

Remember tomorrrow that you can makes someone’s day by simply calling or texting and saying “Happy Valentine’s Day!”  Make sure to let those you love know how important they are to you…it’s simple and means a lot.

For those of you who are getting ready to pop the question, last week I received an e-mail from Thrillist about how to propose to your love.  It must be nerve-wracking to have to do that without having any experience, wanting to make it a special occasion.  Here’s what Thrillist says:

To get you over the hump and on to a lifetime of bliss, here are Thrillist’s 10 Rules for Popping & Locking That Down.

1) Use Modern Bride & JCPenney’s “The Notebook”, an online tool that lets you save, compare, and share, ideally with people who know about rings — i.e., girls.

2) Ask her dad for permission. It seems old-fashioned and awkward, but considering that at family dinners he’ll be the one deciding whether you get “the good Scotch” or “that junk the Hendersons gave us for Christmas last year”, it’s probably a good idea.

3) No matter how eager you are to get this over with, be careful to fall to just one knee; otherwise, she’ll assume you’re begging — which might get you 35 cents, but not a lifetime of devotion.

4) When proposing at a restaurant: if you’re not a Champagne guy or gal,, don’t just out-of-the-blue order Champagne and say something lame like “oh, I’m just in the mood for it”. She/he will immediately sense the imminent question-popping. Besides, are you really in the mood for Champagne, or are you in the mood to spend the rest of your life with someone who accepts that you prefer beer?

5) Try not to do anything to make her angry in the week day hour  seven minutes before the actual proposal.

6) Don’t keep the ring in your pocket. You could send it through the wash, or accidentally pop the question to the cocktail waitress.

7) You should totally start working out in the weeks leading up. Don’t get too jacked — she loves you for your mind, or at least your face — just enough to subtly reassure her you  don’t turn into a dump-truck after you’re married and no longer have to try at all.

8) Even after a highly successful proposal, don’t expect to end the evening with drinks and cigars with the boys. You’re going to need the goodwill you just earned for future with-the-boys outings, so don’t burn through it now.

9) If you’re planning on surprising her with well-wishing friends & relatives afterwards, make sure there’s a buffer period so she can redo makeup that’s now running due to her tears of joy.

10) Ask her to please not pose the ring next to a quarter on Facebook. Some girls actually do this. They shouldn’t.

If your love has already popped the question and you are planning a wedding, you may want some help keeping your emotions in check and not feeling too stressed.  Bridal Jitters can really get to the bride-to-be.

Here’s the site of a very popular event (including weddings) planner:

Valentine’s Day is about LOVE…share the love…with hugs and smooches tomorrow and every day!

This is MeddlingMom…


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