My girls are sooooo happy!

This posting is written by a guest writer…I hope you enjoy her writing.

Have you ever bought a product that completely transformed your existence?

That happened to me for the rock-bottom price of $18.

I was a 55 year old woman when I first made this life-altering purchase. Being the type of person who likes to give things the opportunity to fail me, I waited to give my opinion. Now over a year later, I still cannot find anything other than positive things to say about these items.  And so, I decided to share in the hope that it will help out a fellow sister.  That might be you if you suffer from, for a lack of a more delicate term, the not so subtle condition known as headlights!

Unlike a lot of today’s young women who seem to find the evidence of erect nipples appealing under all types of clothing, I found it embarrassing and very limiting.  There were entire lines of clothing and material that were taboo for me.  And it’s not that I didn’t try various techniques to mask the” 0h-so-obvious”.  Bandaids, tissues, padded bras and other products made specifically for this dilemma.  All to no avail.  And then one day I stumbled upon (can you hear the heavenly choir singing hallelujah?)

                                     Bezi  Bra Discs!!!

                     Bra Discs Nipple Covers Style 4101

                                                                      – Blush and Mocha 

They have been the most amazing product ever and literally opened up a whole new world of fashion to me. 

So, if you’re looking for something that’s just right for you, keep searching.  In the meantime, if the bra petals do the trick for you, I’m happy to have helped.  Perhaps something from Automated Mom would be just the right thing for someone you know.  Check it out.

Thank you to my guest writer…

This is MeddlingMom…have a nice evening…


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