Social Buys for Colleges and Universities

There’s a new social site for  colleges and universities. It is similar to Groupon and Social Buy and is called DealQuad.  Currently it is being advertised in  newspapers that are local to UCLA in Los Angeles, Harvard in Cambridge (The Harvard Crimson), University of Washington in Seattle (The Daily of the University of Washington), University of Michigan in Ann Arbor (The Michigan Daily), University of Wisconsin in Madison (The Daily Cardinal) and Rutgers University in New Jersey (The Daily Targum). Not only do you get great deals for yourself, but your student organization including sororities and fraternities can earn dollars from the  purchases made by your members on  DealQuad’s site!  The site is exciting, fun, entertaining and informative . Take a look at it..

Be sure that when you go into the DealQuad site you look at all of the cities included. Some deals are not really local since they are merchandise and would be delivered to you anywhere in the United States or internationally. DealQuad will be expanding to many other cities and colleges and universities; keep watching to see their progress.

Take a look at the deal today on the Madison page of DealQuad. The item can be ordered by anyone as it is not purchased on a local basis and will be shipped to you. The company, Automated Man, offers The Axe Men’s Toiletry Kit worth $70 for a modest $34!. The kit includes a great toiletry bag and several items from the  very popluar Axe product line.  This is a great deal for any man and a wonderful gift item!  Be sure to check it out! Automated Man also has a blog and shocking videos.

I hope you enjoy the new site I’ve mentioned.  Be sure to pass this blog along to your buddies at school, family and friends and also, for you moms out there…to your friends with children in college.

This is MeddlingMom…til next time..


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