Doctor Appointments, Name Tags & More…

Well, I’ll start out by mentiioning that one of the weird “issues” I have with my great medical care is that each time I go into a doctor’s office, I have no idea who I am speaking to/with at the front desk.  You see, she or he knows your name as soon as you tell them, but nobody introduces themseves to the patient!  As you progress through the appointment process, you may meet with up to four different people other than your physician.  At no time does anyone ever inform you of a name. Remember, you may have never met this person before or maybe you haven’t seen the person in a year’s time. Even if you knew their name before, it would be difficult to remember.  It is creepy to say the least. Here you are, entrusting your health and care to a physician, but you have no clue of who these other people are…very impersonal…it makes you feel disconnected…doctors, hospitals, PLEASE have your people wear nametags!   That’s a pet peeve of mine…I think the weirdness comes from the fact that these people are privy to your most personal details, height, weight, live pregnancies, tests performed and their results and then, of course, they are asking you questions before you see your physician.  My thought when they start asking is, “WHO ARE YOU?” I should not have to ask for  your name when you are asking me all of these questions as if YOU KNOW ME!  It’s just plain weird and it is extremely insensitive. I am curious as to whether you feel the same way or whether it simply doesn’t bother you at all.

I had a mammogram last week.  As the technician was getting started, I asked her if she had a way to shield my neck from the radiation.  It was something that came to my attention while watching the Doctor Oz Show. He mentioned it related to dental exams…so be sure to ask your dentist about a thyroid guard to  protect you.  Anyway, the technician said something about “if we use that, you probably will have to have it on a certain way…..mumble mumble. I wanted to try it anyway.  After all…it is my life, right? and my health ..I mean I am here for a diagnostic test to make sure I do not have breast cancer, so why would I want to help to create another tyoe of cancer?  She got the guard; it was no big deal…it fit just fine and didn’t cause any problem for the technician at all!  So, speak up, people! The mammogram was fine; unlike many women, I don’t really feel that it is painful, I believe because I am well-endowed. I think it hurts if you don’t have much going on in that area.  Anyway, you do sometimes get into weird positions (for want of a better term). The technician has you stand a certain way and moves your breast and your arms and and anything else that interferes with the test. It seems that everything is arranged and then they always ask you to turn your foot or leg a certain way without moving anything else that has already been arranged…so when I had my mammogram, on some level I was aware that there was much tension being put on my hips at some point (from all of these little commands). I didn’t think about it, the technician was very pleasant, etc.  The next afternoon around 2:30 I suddenly realized that I had some pretty extreme pain in my hip…enough pain to not feel very good at all…

I started exercising a couple of weeks ago, nothing real strenuous, just 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there…to exercises on ON DEMAND ..(go to ON DEMAND, then to Sports & Fitness and then to Exercise TV…there are hundreds of choices for free) the morning before the mammogram, the exercise I did was squats…it was fine, no biggy, right?  Well, when I felt the pain in my hip the next day I thought it was from the squats at first, then I remembered the strain the mammogram had put on my hips.  At that point I realized that it was a combination of the two events!  Strange, but true. 

Another story about a recent mammogram from a friend.  Two days after having a mammogram, she had an ache/pain on the left side of her chest.  It was at the very top or even above her breast…not a familiar pain so she went to the doctor.  The doctor prescribed 800 mgs of ibuprofen and warm compresses for a couple of days.  The condition is called costochondritis.  So, yes, mammogram can cause some issues to arise.

Here is an overview of Costochondritis

What is costochondritis?
A person with costochondritis has inflammation of the area of the chest where the ribs meet the breastbone. Causes of costochondritis include chest injury, chronic coughing, and strenuous exercise.

What are the symptoms of costochondritis?
Symptoms of costochondritis include chest pain that may worsen with deep breathing or movement of the chest wall. Other symptoms include chest wall tenderness, cough, and difficulty breathing.

How does the doctor treat costochondritis?
Treatment for costochondritis may include rest, cold or warm compresses, narcotic pain medications, and acetaminophen or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications for pain.

Continue to Costochondritis Risk Factors

This is you have stories about these issues that others might like to read? And would name tags be helpful to you at the doctor’s office?


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2 Responses to “Doctor Appointments, Name Tags & More…”

  1. andy Says:

    Ijust heard about the thyroid shield recently. I’m definitely going to ask for it next time. I feel absolutely no discomfort when i get a mammogram and i don’t have much going on. guess i’m not real sensitive. anyway, it depends on your doctor or could it be a new jersey thing? I don’t know, but in my pediatrician’s office, all the staff wear name tags and the same goes for any specialists I’ve seen. The one exception was when I went for my last mammogram. the tech that did it did not have a name tag on. i notice because i like to call them by their names since they are addressing me by name. However, she did introduce herself. at the dentist office, they also all wear name tags. i’m always trying to sneak looks when i can’t remember their names!

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