TV-Secret Millionaire-have you watched this show?

Last night I watched a show that started several weeks ago on ABC. It is called Secret Millionaire. The premise is that a millionaire takes a week and goes to an assigned town, seeking out people who are doing something to help in a significant way in their communities.  The person is housed in a not-so-great apartment, usually dirty, and given $15 to $20 a day on which to live.  She/He tell people they are there to volunteer or that they are doing research.  At the end of the week, the millionaire has volunteered at 3 or 4 places and decides how much money to contribute to each group or organization.

This week, the millionaire was Ali Brown, a successful, local entrepreneur from Venice Beach, CA, an affluent community..  She had had a nice life, good  and supportive parents and felt very appreciative about her life.  Her assignment …she was driven only 2 miles from her home…she was still in Venice Beach, but in a neighborhood that she would have never visited before.  When she saw how hard life was for homeless women and their babies (or actually would have been had they not found the housing help they needed), it was hard for her to keep her emotions in check.  She was so moved by what she saw with all of the organizations.  This changed her life forever!  Watching her visits with the organizations and those leaders being informed that they have been working with a millionaire is always fun, interesting and inspiring.  Of course the best part is when the millionaire pulls out a check for $10,000, $20,000 or even $250,000!  Last night’s show was particularly poignant and I found myself crying several times. Last night she gave Harvest Home $50,000 to help with the work they are doing for single women with babies who live at Harvest Home.   She also gave out 3 other checks to other groups with whom she had volunteered.  To see a recap, click on recap.  Other shows in the series were equally as moving; this is a gripping series.

Watching the series, my partner and I have said,”Why don’t they contribute more? These people are multi-millionaires!”  The truth is…you can see this as you watch the appreciation of the millionaires for the groups they are working with that the millionaires will probably be watching these groups and continuing to contribute where appropriate.  Another thought that comes to mind is that the problems are so huge…you feel that you can’t even make a dent and that is the reason why ALL OF US may not be contributing and helping in our communities…but WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  A single donation may feel like it is going into an abyss…for sure…but it isn’t. If you are the individual who gets to be helped because someone made a donation or reached out, you KNOW that that person helped you to survive and possibly to be able to buy your child a much needed article of clothing or a shirt to be in the school play or food.  Your help does make a difference.

So, even though you may not be a millionaire, I encourage you to look around for a local organization that is helping to change lives and either volunteer (I know, that can feel scary or uncomfortable) or make a donation, $25, $50 or more WILL make a difference and it probably means nothing to you to not have that cash available.  Almost every community has a food cupboard, a homeless shelter, an organization that helps those with drug or alcohol addiction or a place for battered women to get help.  You can help.  Put this on your calendar…Make April the month when you start.

When I needed it, some people helped me. It didn’t solve all of my problems or take care of everything, but it made a difference.  I will never forget.
This is MeddlingMom…have a good day! Let me know when you find the right organization for your donation!


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