Americans Are So Fortunate!

I am feeling very inspired right now. Yes, I know we have so many problems that aren’t being resolved. but we are still among the most fortunate people in the world in general.  I was at BJ’s yesterday and picked up a magazine I used to read years ago, not one for the high-minded or for someone looking to be lifted up intellectually, but a good chock-full-of-useful-information publication…Woman’s World.  I picked it up because the cover mentioned By next week you can JUICE OFF 9 lbs!  I have a  juicer and have used it several times….apples and carrots are great together!  I do remain intereted in the benefits of fresh juice from fruits and vegetables…so I snapped up the pub and threw it in my cart.   Just a little while ago, I thought I’d take a peek at the article mentioned. On page 18 Kris Carr’s story is told. She has had cancer for a number of years and has managed to make her tumors dormant with the program she created. It is described in the article and also in her book Crazy Sexy Diet. It is a very specific vegan diet plan. The article also reports 6 statistics about how a vegan or plant-based diet allows you to have a significantly healthier and disease-free life.  Not bad! 

When I turned the page, there was an article on 7-day miracle energy makeover!  There are actually 7 items listed with detailed information about improving your energy/health.  Here are 2 examples: Read your make-ups ingredients. It talks about parabens and how they disrupt your thyroid function and hormones! and Take a 25 minute bath…there are physical benefits to doing so.

The truth is that we are incredibly fortunate for the variety of information available to us …at our very fingertips (now it would be truly amazing if we felt we actually had the time to read and absorb all of the info).  I am lucky because I have had the luxury of sitting here reading for the better part of 5 hours…learning, enjoying and it is even more delightful because it is a nasty, rainy day outside!

On another note, my daughter ordered a magazine for me last year which she purchased at Whole FoodsWell Being Journal.  It is loaded with mostly non-traditional medical results and everything except mainstream thinking regarding health and well being. It is quite a relief to read it, very refreshing and empowering.  It comes out 6 times/year and costs a mere $25!  A bargain…I just renewed my subscription.  One of the articles in the most recent issues describes cinnamon as important to managing blood glucose levels as vitamin C was and is for scurvy!  Each edition is loaded with possibilities for better health managed by YOU!

I hope this has been interesting and helpful to you. Pass it along to family and friends if you think they’d find value here.

This is MeddlingMom…have a nice weekend.


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