William and Catherine- Much Ado About Something!

Wow! the big day will be here Friday, William and Kate will tie the knot at the end of this week.  I am personally not all that interested in all of the hoopla…but as I see so much info on almost every single TV show I watch, it is getting to be a little more interesting to me.  I think it’s  smart that they have been together for a long time…is it 9 years or 10…something like that. That means they probably have had the opportunity to get to know each other well…I hope so.  They seem like a sweet couple, though the truth is…we have very little info about what Kate’s interests are and her personality thus far seems AWOL.  I am pleased to hear that William has been protective of Kate regarding the press…that is very different from the way his father, Prince Charles, treated his mother, Princess Diana (who was barely beyond puberty and certainly needed that protection).

I find it rather odd that so many Americans are so very interested in every detail of the goings-on. I have found that many of the interviews with citizens from Great Britain about the couple have revealed precious little new or exciting findings.  That’s what I find annoying, you are lured into yet another show where you are supposedly going to learn SOMETHING -FINALLY- and there is essentially NOTHING!!! Do you get it? NO THING  of import.

This morning I saw Barbara Walters and Robin Roberts on Good Morning America – live in London – at Buckingham Palace, indoors…so this was to be some big deal thing, right? The truth it was one more disappointment, Barbara and Robin talking to each other, making chit chat while sitting in the palace, Barbara (and I like her) once again talking as she so often does, reminding us that she has been around forever and has interviewed absolutely everyone INCLUDING PRINCESS DIANA – IN THIS VERY PALACE! Then  she tells you that that was the interview where Diana told Barbara how unhappy she was in her marriage.  Apparently when the content of that interview became known, Queen E decided it was time for Charles and Diana to get divorced!

So…during the next few days, I know we will see and hear much about the monarchy, about Kate comparing her to Diana over and over again. I truly hope we all learn some new things after spending so much time and emotional energy on all of this. But I do have a question…why is this of such interest to you?  There must be people in your own life who you might want to know more about…whose history or feelings might impact your life and perception. I suggest you examine if there is someone in your life who might really NEED your time and attention, someone who loves you and knows you exist. Or maybe there is a project you have been wanting to work on or some class you’ve wanted to take….oh, all the fancy clothes (and this IS history) and decor will be fun to see.  Just remember those you love or care about and who give you so much every day…who might really enjoy it if you exhibited an interest in their direction?

Enjoy the wedding and all of the glamour…and also enjoy your family and friends…it’s all good!  So sorry to  sound so cranky, but one more thing….I HATE the accent …it makes my blood run cold!  By the way, I understand economy class airline tickets started at $2700 and other tickets went for as high as $27,000!   As Wendy’s used to say “Where’s the beef?”

This is MeddlingMom…happy wedding!


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