Movies-some must sees !

Recently I saw several movies.  Each in it’s own right was extremely disturbing. The first was For Colored Girls, a Tyler Perry movie which has an amazing cast and phenomenal acting. It is for all girls, in fact, for all people. The subject -the human condition and difficult circumstances that can force one to alter the direction of one’s life. The depth of tragedy and the poetry, the extreme situations…all were so excruciatingly expressed..  I was surprised that this film was not in the theaters long; it’s quality and depth warrant wide distribution.

The next movie was Waiting For Superman…a documentary about the causes of our failing educational system.  The film shows why so many of our children do not have a chance to succeed…..go to this link to read some reviews and opinions:  The viewer will see what it is like for homeless families living in motels.  When they get behind in their rent, they must leave and their children must attend yet another new school. If you care about children, this country and education, you will find time to view this gripping movie.

Another movie I saw at the theater was The Fighter, good for anyone who does not understand addiction.  It is the true  story of a hard-core dysfunctional family and their quest to have a champion pro fighter in their family.  No cost was too high.

The last movie I’d like to recommend is Fathead, an expose of our government, medical researchers, pharmaceutical companies. It tells us how we have been duped for decades about the real results of research.  It even shows the discrepancies in Morgan Spurlock’s research for his movie Super Size Me.  The truth is that when I saw Super Size Me when it first came out, I was very impressed.  Apparently the stats simply don’t hold up when scrutinized.  

It’s all been enlightening. I find all of the untruths disheartening…are we all just a bunch of naive ninnies?  I’d love to hear your comments.

This is MeddlingMom…enjoy the movies!


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