From William and Catherine to Osama Bin Laden…

Well, we’ve had some strange times…to say the least…

For months we’ve been hearing about “the royal wedding” ad nauseum so to speak.  All last week it was impossible to watch television without being shown more photos (or more of the same photos) and being indundated with  information about the couple and their families, etc.  I watched part of the goings-on on Friday as I was getting ready for the day and had fun seeing some of the TV shows leading up to and after the wedding…everyone seemed to be doing something “about or related to” the wedding.  The hoopla had barely died down when we heard the news…

Osama Bin Laden is dead.  Well, that was quite a shock after so many years of searching for him.  To most Americans the concept of actually finding and capturing Bin Laden was “way out there”…not much chance of doing that, especially after so many years…over 9 years since the tragedy called 9/11 and more if you count the other travesties he was involved in prior to 9/11.

It’s been daunting, hearing the coverage, the cheering and celebrating and people saying they are happy he is dead.  I have been  relieved to hear some people speaking about their feelings of not really being happy that someone has been killed…feelings of conflict and confusion…that’s how I feel.  I don’t really believe in violence or execution. Having said that, I understand how complicated things can be.  When you capture someone who has done such evil as Bin Laden, you then have the grave responsibility of housing, feeding, dealing with all of his rights and the legalities of a trial, the security of keeping him safe (now that would stick in anyone’s craw!) and attempting to find justice for the victims…it’s all a bit too just seems easier to not have to deal with all of that. Although I don’t feel that justice has been served (how CAN there be justice for all of those who were killed.. by one death?) I do feel that no longer having Bin LAden on this earth does give everyone some simple way of ending all of the drama.  There will be no energy given in the news about him after all of this news fades away.  There will be NO DRAMA…no chatter…no bull, if you will.  Or at least there will be way less of it than there would have been had he been captured and brought to trial.

Funny, our President who has been referred to as NO DRAMA OBAMA, our President who was critical to this successful  (for want of a better term) operation…and who will be given credit for all of this happening…our President has managed to stop Bin Laden’s Drama!  Congratulations, Mr. President!!!

This is MeddlingMom…have a good week.


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