Clutter!!! Oh, I am so happy I saved that box of catalogs for 4 years!

I have just come from our basement…it’s a scary place, I am telling you!

When I moved here 4 years ago, most of my belongings went into storage.  It was very expensive because I do have a good amount of furniture and belongings that are quite valuable – NOT!  Let’s get something clear, here and now…yes, I do have some furniture and lots of belongings which have value for me. Everything has a history…the problem is that we are talking about what now appears to be ANCIENT HISTORY and RELICS!  It was good to go and open the boxes and to see just how much I don’t need – probably at least 2/3 of what is there. I probably don’t want most of the other 1/3 any more either.  So the timing today was perfect…I am so ready to say, “Bye, bye” …. My things were in storage for about 2 1/2 years @ the rate of close to $350 per month….when I saw the amount of crap that was in those boxes…I could just upchuck right here and now!  I guess I can only be expected to move forward at my own pace…I am just so happy that I am ready now. 

One of the boxes I opened was quite deep, maybe 25 inches and when I opened it I was appalled that it was filled with catalogs and  magazines…all at least 4 years old…what a great value, right?  I guess I am learning from this experience, but why does it take so darn long to “get it”? 

In the past few months I have found myself looking for good types of organizing tools to use in the house, basement or garage, always trying to streamline things; I have noticed recently when I do that, I think …why would I bring in this tool rather than go through all that I have and eliminate what I don’t really need?  That would remove the need for purchasing shelving, bins, etc. and would take away the added burden of trying to figure out where to put that unit! Imagine!  So that’s where I am right now.

I know it is a lot of work getting rid of things.  I do already use Freecycle to give things away to people who are local. If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s a great way to reduce, reuse and recycle within your own community and contiguous communities.  You simply go to the site, join  in whichever communities you would like to and as you have things to give away, you post them…I love the Freecyclers!  They are wonderful people…you can also post things that you are looking for and receive items for free.  No money is ever exchanged, not allowed.  Of course if you want to sell items, you can go to CraigsList and click on the closest city to you.  Keep in mind there are shelters for battered women and children and for men which might be interested in clothing or houshold goods (as people get ready to leave and move into their own apartments).  There may also be other charities like Purple Heart or the Salvation Army or Goodwill Industries, all of which are well-respected organizations.  They may accept used cars, clothing, funriture, household goods.  Give them a call.  Of course right now, if you have clothing and houshold items they might be appreciated in all of those states where there have been recent tornados and there is such devastation.

Getting back to my clutter, there is much organizing going on at my house.  Keep in mind as you sort…do I need this, what is its value to me, could someone else need it more than I do (probably a HUGE YES!) and of course, why have I kept this so long?  Good luck with your purging.  I know I can use all of the thoughts and prayers I can get!  It will be well worth the effort. I know removing the unneeded items will give me great relief!  Clutter is a burden!

This is MeddlingMom…have a wonderful week!  Oh, by the way, those magazines and catalogs are going out with the recycling on Wednesday!


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