Memorial Day-some thoughts…

Memorial Day…we are all happy to have a reason to not go to work, but the truth is that those who are serving our nation today probably don’t have the day off, especially if they are serving outside of the United States.  Please take a moment to appreciate those men and women who currently serve in the Armed Forces and those who have served in the past.  Take a look at the history of this special American holiday.

The bulk of the blog entry today was not written by me.  I received an e-mail from  Paul Dake , a realtor with Keller Williams in Limerick, PA.  I liked what he sent in his message and asked him if he minded if I shared his message via my blog and he agreed that that would be fine. It starts off with two meaningful quotes:

“Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.”  –   John F. Kennedy

“When we say “War is over if you want it,” we mean that if everyone demanded peace instead of another TV set, we’d have peace. “ John Lennon

Dear Friend,

We have so very much to be thankful for.

The freedoms and luxuries we enjoy in our daily lives are immeasurable.  Take a look at what your friends are posting about on Facebook, then think about the hundreds of little things we do every day that are sometimes taken for granted.  Our children’s activities, the work we do, the meal we prepared, the book we read, the music we love, and the list goes on and on.

Americans serve this country so that we may continue to enjoy these freedoms.  Men and women from all walks of life perform duties beyond our imaginations.  Many of them spend their holidays thousands of miles from their loved ones.  And too many of them have given their lives serving our country.  We all have a connection to these courageous people, and owe them our deepest gratitude.

Think of them this weekend as you enjoy time with your family and friends.

Raise a glass to honor them, even if with just a simple, “Thank you.”

I came across the quite moving letter below and thought I would share it with you.

Wishing you a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend!

Paul Dake

To My Comrades in Arms:

You have served in a Regiment that has been engaged in all the activities of America’s part in the great World War. From Baccarat to Sedan you have fought, never having been forced one foot to the rear, and never having lost a gun or a prisoner taken. You have gained every objective demanded of you and on time. Generals of two great fighting nations have mentioned you in orders.

Some have made the supreme sacrifice and their graves now hallow the soil of a foreign land.  Your achievements have been abreast of the best artillery men of the world – you have made the record of your regiment magnificent.

I have been your Colonel during every hour of the life of the regiment, and your faithful and distinguished service has taught me from the first my one prayer that I might do my part – ‘God, make me worthy of my regiment.’

You are leaving the service with a record of which you can well be proud and wherever you may go, in whatever walk of life, I can wish nothing better for you than that your future will be as brilliant as the time spent in the service of your country.

No honor the future can have in store for me can ever be as great as having been your Colonel, and with all the lasting affection of my heart, I bid you farewell.

George E. Leach
Colonel, 151st Field Artillery
Rainbow Division

May, 1919

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