Osteoporosis- NOT! Just a broken toe… flip flops & cruel shoes

I don’t have osteoporosis. I’ve had dexa scans, no problem. Also, I am very heavy, so I am told that is an advantage because my bones are doing weight-bearing exercise each and every day! Almost 7 weeks ago, I was cleaning the house, zipping around…you know how it is…well, I whacked my foot  on the coffee table and broke my toe-the pinky.  I didn’t realize I had broken it, but a few days later when it didn’t feel any better, I thought I should see a podiatrist.  My family doctor had told me it was fine (didn’t think there was any need to worry). The podiatrist took an x-ray and found a fracture. He then put a foam piece, which he called a splint, between my toes and taped them together and told me to come back in a few weeks. This is called buddy taping.  As an aside, my doctor did not tell me to rest the toe or to stay off it if possible. In fact he didn’t tell me on the first visit that I should remove the splint at night.  I learned that at the second visit.  I don’t really have any interest in becoming an expert on broken toes, but apparently there are other methods for helping your toe to heal. So I went back and the fracture was still evident (that was after 3 weeks-what else would its status have been-doesn’t it take 6 weeks for a fracture to heal?)  So I went back again today…it has healed, but I had  no clue… somehow I broke another toe since I saw the doctor last…How annoying is that?  I was really looking forward to NOT having my toes wrapped and to not having the motion restricted ..it feels very claustrophobic.

I realize this is not life-threatening, that I should be appreciative that I am not in a cast or worse.  I like to walk around barefoot…that’s how I whacked my foot in the first place! When I do wear shoes, they are sandals…pretty good support and not flat, seemingly safe.  What concerns me is whether this is going to keep happening or whether this is a fluke.

As part of this subject  I thought I would cover some information about feet. If you have diabetes, you must care for your feet as you could suffer from neuropathy  and nerve damage. Also you probably already know that many people are abusing their feet by wearing flip flops, a bad thing…there are also shoes that are considered to be cruel shoes, not at all good for you long-term.  Take a look at the worst shoes for your feet.  There are shoes that are good for your feet and will give you stronger feet, try Vibram.

The truth is that I am clueless about why this happened and I hope this toe heals quickly and that is the end of that for me.  I really don’t want to keep seeing the Podiatrist on a regular basis.

This is MeddlingMom….I wish you healthy feet…and  a good weekend!

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