Casey Anthony-A Surprising Conclusion?

For many the fact that Casey Anthony may be set free on Thursday is off-putting to say the least. Her reputation being what it is, people are pretty horrified that she may walk out of the court room Thursday after being sentenced for minor charges-a free woman. Of course we all know she will never be free again, really. It’s a sad, sad tale for her entire family…a daughter and granddaughter gone..something one never gets over…how do you heal after losing a young child and with many unanswered questions? How do Casey’s parents and Casey ever trust each other again, let alone regain being a family? There were so many accusations and seeming betrayals; these will be difficult if not impossible to forget or forgive without real facts coming to the surface and being revealed to each other. There is much to be discussed before this family can ever begin to have any sense of peace, if that is possible at all.

We really have no idea whether this family was any more dysfunctional than any other, despite all of the accusations. Having said that, it seems that Casey should at least have a mental evaluation.  She was partying heartily-they say- when her daughter was missing. It is hard to believe that she was not found to be abusing her child…,she was giving her toddler Xanax!  So that she’d go to sleep at night…I would consider that abuse.

Casey may have no natural place to go when she leaves prison. I wonder what she will do…Eventually, of course, she will have a million dollar book deal and a movie deal. She will have money. She will be able to pay her way.  She will be able to have another child. She will be famous (or infamous). She may have difficulty finding someone who will give her a job. She will be able to go to college.  One wonders what kind of decisions she will make.

And how does the public make peace with all of this…it is so anti climactic. I do believe the jury was not presented proof that she murdered her daughter…I don’t know if she intentionally did anything to her daughter. There may have been an accident.  She may have researched chloroform. That doesn’t mean she murdered her child.  I am sorry for all of us..we have been dragged around with this “news” for three years and now have what feels like a huge elephant in the living room, perhaps never to have that elephant leave.  The poor grandparents and that poor little girl…such a waste!

I would love to hear your comments.

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3 Responses to “Casey Anthony-A Surprising Conclusion?”

  1. mimi Says:

    I have trouble with not reporting your child missing in 30 days. Was this accurate? If so, what could possibly be a reason?

    • meddlingmom Says:

      I guess you would…I think she is mentally ill, wouldn’t you have to be to not report that? But did you hear about her childish behavior, being jealous of her child being in the limelight…Really bizarre!
      Thanks for reading the blog and commenting!

    • meddlingmom Says:

      Didn’t answer your question…yes, it was 30 days…truly unbelievable in my mind

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