The Deficit, Bare Bottom Video (funny) and Pajama Jeans…What???

The news has been crazy…Congress is not taking care of the country, The President addressed the nation the other day; he is trying to do what’s right for the entire country, not just the rich……we just finished our …is it our 5th heat wave of the season, or the 6th…Life has been strange and upsetting, to say the least…we don’t have time to absorb the latest bit of insanity before the next onslaught knocks us over….Our culture has gotten pretty strange.. ..I thought maybe we could use a little comic relief……we seem to accept most things these days, especially artistic endeavors.  Someone sent me a great video, funny..actually from the UK ..first shown in 1982. I hope you’ll enjoy it. I did!

Although someone sent me that video and it was funny, I was originally thinking of writing about what I think is the most annoying commercial on TV.  And don’t you know…. while I was watching the video, the commercial came on?…have you ever heard of Pajama Jeans? Where style meets comfort! Have you seen the ad?  You can wear them to the grocery store and be comfortable! Isn’t that great? Why not just wear your jeans or your sweat pants or whatever you usually wear? Aren’t your clothes comfortable anyway? I mean if you are wearing a business suit and high heels or sturdy men’s shoes, I guess you might want to be more comfortable…so why wouldn’t you go home and change into jeans, shorts, sweat pants, slacks or anything else in your closet?  Do we really need another article of clothing  and one that will create confusion for all of us? Are these pajamas? or jeans? And if they are pajamas, why would we be wearing them to the grocery store???

They ask if you like stylish, sexy jeans and soft, comfy pajama bottoms…doesn’t everyone like those things?  Of course! But when you see what they look like…they can’t even make them look good in the commercial! You KNOW that’s the best they will ever appear, right? They look like cheap stretchy denim-look fabric…they cost approximately $40…now don’t most people find it possible to find nice PJ’s for $40? And most people already have the jeans that feel good and make them look their best…so who will be attracted to this product?  I can only imagine!  It’s funny, their online ad says you receive a grey crew neck shirt for free and it mentions looking sharp in these pants…are they joking?

If someone out there has purchased a pair of these, please write and tell us what you think about the product. I’d love to hear the opinion of someone who has worn this item!

That’s all for now…pray for 80 degrees or less everywhere and rain for the drought-ridden states!

This is MeddlingMom…


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