Casey Anthony, the celeb…Joy Behar, Andrew Dice Clay, Piers Morgan, George Lopez

I just opened up my laptop and found a headline   “Casey Anthony rubber mask sells for nearly $1 million on eBay“…that takes the cake, doesn’t it?  I actually have very little interest in Casey Anthony, but thought it was unbelievable that there is a rubber mask…for all I know, masks were manufactured 3 years ago when she first went to jail, right? I just can’t believe such a person should be on our radar….yes, I know…remember Richard Nixon, there were plenty of likenesses of “tricky Dick”.  I guess this woman who seems to be so hated by so many should have a mask…..hmmm…well, after all she is infamous, isn’t she…and a public figure.

On another note, last night I was watching The Joy Behar Show…she had some of her usual gossipy conversation and then she had as a guest Andrew Dice Clay. I remembered what I had thought of him years  ago, during his heyday…It was commonly held that he was a sexist OINK OINK. I tried to be open and fair while watching the show last night…thinking maybe he had changed and become a little humble due to falling out of favor for years.  NO SUCH F…KING LUCK! He was like a neanderthal in attitude (do I know what a neanderthal’s attitude was???)  Anyway, he really sounded like someone who had not been of this world for the past 20 or 30 years…He was brash, uninterested in his flawed behavior in the past and probably the least introspective person I’ve ever heard! Joy tried to give him the opportunity to exhibit that he had grown or felt that some of his behavior in the past was “off”..NOPE. He didn’t bite or even hear where she was coming from..he didn’t know she was giving him an opportunity because he thinks he’s perfect! He was total jerk!  What was really strange was that he wasn’t even funny during the interview…comedians doing interviews are usually funny..they are comedians, right? Or sometimes they are really honest about what they have been thru. I’ve never seen the likes of this bozo before!

The flip side of that is the fantastic interview Wednesday night on Piers Morgan’s show with George Lopez..This was stellar,,,just wonderful. Piers can be annoying sometimes and seem like he is really overstepping boundaries, but I do like what he does much of the time. He does his homework and knows about his guest…WELL, too!  George was sweet and dear, honest telling about his terrible childhood (both of his parents left him by the time he was 8 years old).  He seems to be  a self-made man,  has a good attitude and not a mean bone in his body…this was a heart-warming interview…

I guess you’ve got my two cents’ worth…had to write when I saw that headline…

Have a great weekend…this is MeddlingMom…


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