Standard and Poors-Americans’ Disgust! Stock Market

I don’t profess to be an expert on economics, nor do I know much about ratings, like Standard and Poors  or the Stock Market. What I do know about is that the American people simply have lost all confidence in our elected officials in Washington, D.C.  Standard and Poors’ downgrading of our rating is not the reason the stock market has plummeted. The reason is …nobody has any faith in this nation’s ability to take care of business, create jobs, re-establish economic stability.  The behavior of the Republican members of Congress has been an abomination. The absolute nonsense and lack of real concern we and the world’s citizens have been watching…these people have acted like a bunch of two year olds. Not ALL of them, of course. Who would trust a two year old to make decisions for a nation?

The word “compromise” has lost its value, to say the least. Being willing to negotiate with others, looking at all sides of an issue, reviewing all factors-these are  important components when looking for solutions. However, there is never any good reason to “compromise” with bullies or the disingenuous, i.e. most of the Republicans in our nation’s capitol.  When a child is bullied in school, do we tell that child to compromise? NO!!!  The American people have their hands tied behind their backs; I must say that those who elected the RIGID RUDE REPUBLICANS deserve this mess.  Anyone who votes for these selfish people should have their heads examined! I really can’t believe that all of Congress left Washington for their summer recess.  When your job isn’t done in a satisfactory manner and there is garbage sitting on your desk,  going on vacation seems to be an insane idea.  Doesn’t it make sense to clean up the mess you’ve made?  There is no accountability at all.  How about taking away the opportunity to go away on vacation with your family and take your family to live in North Philadelphia for the month of August? Or maybe to one of those neighborhoods in New Orleans that still has not recovered from Hurricane Katrina?  Or maybe just to live with a family that has no healthcare coverage, but does have someone dying from ill health and  about to lose their home!  I think it is time that they have to see how some of the people who are suffering are living and what they are dealing with.

Isn’t anyone else besides those with substantial investments worth anything?  The news just goes on, not even mentioning what a travesty it is that Congress is ON VACATION!  When are we going to expect Congress to do what is best for this country? WHEN???  I can’t even imagine how embarrassed Americans who consider themselves to be Republicans must feel.  Crawl under the table, folks…you elected these thieves!

What needs to be done to re-establish trust in our government?  You and I know what has to be done….raise the tax rate on the rich. Do I mean on those earning $250,000? No! Start at half a mil…that would be just fine with me… it is appropriate, Now I don’t know whether I really consider half a mil in income to qualify you as being rich. What it does qualify you for is the category of definitely having more than enough, being able to give something back.

We need to stop terrifying the elderly, many of whom aren’t able to eat or buy their medications with their current income.  We need to stop harping about  cutting Social Security and Medicare. We need to create a single-payer health care plan and eliminate insurance companies from health care; should insurance companies really be making decisions about whether you get the treatment you need…what do THEY know about health? NOTHING!!!  On the flip side of the elderly or those receiving Social Security benefits, which they have paid into, I believe the rich should not receive any more from Social Security than what they ACTUALLY PAID INTO IT!  And  I would quantify “rich” in this instance with a much lower number in terms of current income.  Maybe $100,000 a year.

Next, get rid of all of the little tax bennies that the large corporations have enjoyed for far too long at the expense of every American.  Those few changes will alter the “income” to our nation’s coffers and then maybe we can start to feel like the American Dream has not been hijacked permanently.

We have had it, haven’t we?  I don’t advocate a revolution, but I do wonder how much the American public is willing to take. I mean…when are we going to get fed up and protest what has been going on?  Here is a list of your U. S. Senators and  a  list of the members of the U.S. House of Representatives

Please keep these lists and use them when you have something to say.

Of course there is job creation, solar and wind power, using the oil that we have in our country, recycling…doing what we already know how to do. These should all be initiatives that our government supports along with so many other ways of being honest and decent role models for the next generations. They won’t do it unless we insist. It’s up to us. Make that call!  Send that e-mail!

This is MeddlingMom…..kudos to Diana Nyad for swimming for 29 hours…towards her goal!


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2 Responses to “Standard and Poors-Americans’ Disgust! Stock Market”

  1. andy Says:

    I don’t believe it is just the fault of the republicans. everyone in washington is to blame. they only care about getting elected and they don’t care about the people. it’s a disgrace. they should all take a page from n.j. governor christie who stated he does not care about being popular and being elected again, only about doing what is right to fix new jersey. obama acts like a republican but the republicans hate him anyway. he needed to convey the strength of his convictions but he has not done this. he waffles and i see him as weak now and i am supremely disappointed in him.

    • meddlingmom Says:

      I agree that he needs to lead; I think he caves when he shouldn’t…but there are plenty of dems who have tried to get help for the people and the republicans have stated that they have no intention of allowing Obama any success…That’s mature…why would anyone want to be President? That sure has me baffled/

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