College-Bound/Back-To-School-Make those purchases!

Well, it is  time to finalize purchases for your college-bound son or daughter…backpacks, staplers, shredders, etc. If your son or daughter attended college last year, you probably have all of the furnishings for their rooms or apartments, securely tucked away awaiting departure day.  For the Freshman…right now you may be looking at all kinds of things…bedspreads, sheets, comforters, pillows, towels, wastebaskets, personal refrigerators, microwaves, coffeemakers, snacks,  clothing, lamps, computers, printers, iphones, ipads and of course, school supplies.  Most teenage females already purchase (or at least, select) their own cosmetics and some of their toiletries…hair products, razors, shaving cream, etc.  Males …on the other hand…may or may not have taken an interest in selecting toiletries, my guess is that most are not involved in that aspect of their lives. There’s a great service you can subscribe to so that your son won’t have to shop for his toiletries.  Take a look at Automated Mom, mom,  and see how you can effectively ensure that your son will have everything he needs to take care of himself, hygiene-wise, if you know what I mean.  I am sure you don’t want him to go without the necessities and  s-m-e-l-l…. Automated Mom has name brand products and also the products young men prefer. Remember you can customize your order and select what you want for his kit.. Feel free to call the company with questions at 1-888-315-DUDE or 3833.

For your young children, , backpacks, notebooks, binders, loose leaf paper, pens, markers, staplers, rulers, protractors, water bottles and  on and on…also lunch boxes for the little ones.  Stores have all kinds of blow out sales this time of year to help you get a good deal with these items. It really helps to do your homework before going to the stores and check out your local store flyers. And of course, you can always make your purchases online.

Google your favorites stores and find the best buys available.

Happy shopping and for those who have freshmen leaving for college…everything will be fine…

This is MeddlingMom…


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2 Responses to “College-Bound/Back-To-School-Make those purchases!”

  1. Stuart Winter Says:

    Oh Meddling Mom. To blame the Republicans for the problems this country is facing is a little naive and idealistic. I used to be a Republican until about 8 years ago. I am now a Registered Libertarian. But your attack on the Republicans, albeit with a little mixture of truth to it, is not becoming of someone who is educated and with common sense. It is congress, NOT The Republicans who are to blame. At my last view of congress, i did count Democrats among our “Congressional Leaders.” Didnt you? Or did the Republicans secretly win secret elections kicking out all of the Democrats? I have no love for the Republicans either. But for you to blame the Countries woes solely on them is very short sighted and biased. It boils down to one thing. It is the people who vote in Congress. Not the Republicans. It is the people who are to blame for this mess. Not the Republicans. It is the people who can force change. Not the Republicans. Change the congress. Change the country. Fix the problems. It is simple. Vote out all of Congress. Not just Republicans. Democrats too! Come on Meddling Mom, you know i am right on this one.

    • meddlingmom Says:

      Oh, Stuart, surely you jest. I honestly don’t recall mentioning Republicans in the blog…I do agree with you that the American people keep voting in some officials who simply should not be re-elected because they aren’t taking their responsibilities seriously. They don’t deserve to be re-elected. However, having said that…these issues are very complicated. I think the answer is campaign finance reform…take the dollars out of the election process so that people can focus on taking care of America, not on raising funds for their re-elections! Also, maybe term limits… Thanks for commenting on the blog and reading it!

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