Hurricane Irene- the East Coast-be prepared!!!

My friend Bonnie forwarded this message to me today, sent to her by her dear sister Randy who lives in Florida. I hope you will heed Randy’s advise. It sounds very reasonable and may prove to be essential to those of us here on the east coast who are anticipating Hurricane Irene in the next few days…

Joe and I were just saying last nite that probably no one up north was taking this too seriously – When we moved here there was a level 1 hurricane and it was BAD — from what I see …looks like it may hit you as a 2 or 3 —- so really what I always do is prepare for the power outage – you could have no power for days – PLEASE  be sure you have water for flushing toilets (they sell 5 gallon containers which I fill and put in my bathtub – or you can fill plastic jugs)  and moisture wipes for bathing – things like peanut butter, tuna, canned meats, lots of non perishables – and they sell milk in the cardboard for cereal and coffee etc – Make a pot of coffee Saturday and put it in the fridge –  a non electric can opener – your cell phone charged – gas tank full – a Coleman stove is a good idea – Be sure you have a radio that is battery operated – and I even have a battery operated 12” fan – it will get hot after a while    I am really not trying to get carried away — but I have had my power out and the hurricane was 50 miles away – Glad you moved everything off the patio and all  

Okay – now that I scared the bejesus out of you – get cracking !!! I will be in touch!  Hurricane central over and out!

Thanks to Bonnie for forwarding this and to Randy for caring so much about her sister….,we will all reap the rewards of your love, Randy…The truth is that here in the Philadelphia area, we tend to not pay too much attention to hurricane warnings…maybe some photos would be helpful and have an impact.

The most impressive hurricane that I remember in my life as a child was Hurricane Hazel

This is MeddlingMom…take care…and have a great and safe weekend…


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