Cell Phones-FAX-DO NOT CALL list-UPDATE!!!

My last blog told you about what I thought was a current bit of information regarding the National Do Not Call list. It seems that I didn’t have the full story.  My niece promptly sent me the correct and comprehensive info. Here’s what Dina had to say:

I had to question the cell phone information you wrote about in your blog because I work in a Telemarketing world. For about 8+ years, there has been an urban legend email going around stating that our cell phone numbers are being released to the world on such and such date. Each time the email circulates, the date changes. Not true. A phone# is a phone# is a phone#. If you don’t want telemarketing calls, logon to the website below and enter your phone number, your cell phone number and even your fax number!
It is now a permanent fix as opposed to a 5 year fix. You can call and have the same results, but I found the website very user friendly. Every company (like the insurance company I work for), who does Telemarketing has to adhere to severe guidelines before creating a list of customers or potential customers to call. Also, as a consumer, you have to realize that any company you have an existing business relationship with or even a company that you inquired to can telemarket/direct mail market/email market to you forever….unless you specifically request that they add you to THEIR do not call and/or do not mail list.
The guidelines that have been set are stringent. The guidelines have changed over the last 8-10 years and if a company does not abide by your request, you can file a formal complaint. The company can be penalized with some pretty steep fines. But remember, before you call to inquire about such and such…if you give your name, address and/or phone number…you will be added to their list of people to market to.
Thank you, Didi!
This is MeddlingMom…hope this update was helpful…

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