Herman Cain is Anti-Choice and in the lead…

I wrote this on Sunday….today it seems that Herman Cain being in the lead may not be the biggest story….Does that make sense to you? I think those Republicans who think they believe in his values may not be aware that he does not support having the choice to terminate a pregnancy even in the case of rape. I wonder how people would feel if there really was NO WAY to make your  own decision about abortion. I agree that in a perfect world…abortion should not be used as birth control.  What makes no sense is the idea that women should have no choice about whether to carry a pregnancy to term, considering it is the WOMAN’S BODY!

Herman Cain also mentioned that he believes that Planned Parenthood was started to prevent births of African American babies. Does this kind of thinking sound like the President you want in your country? I doubt that he is up to the challenge….

I know that at least 50% of all women believe that choice should remain intact.

My question is…do the Republicans really want to go down this slippery slope? They (our elected Republican legislators) are already in so much trouble for not working with the President and for showing their lack of interest in what happens to this country and its citizens. I hope Americans WAKE UP and smell the STENCH emitting from this party!

Women have had the vote for nearly 100 years. Roe v. Wade was passed when my daughter was 3; she is now 41. When are we going to stand for more than 50 % of the population (our daughters, sisters, mothers, nieces, aunts, grandmothers and friends) and SPEAK UP against our voices not being heard and our needs not being considered. We are MORE THAN EQUAL-trust me on that one!

Please make sure you get to view MissRepresentation on the OWN network. MissRepresentation-the film-will knock your socks off and make you see the glaring anti-woman world we are living in…take at the look at the links provided.

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