Andy Rooney- has passed

By now you have probably heard that Andy Rooney , the curmudgeon of the CBS show, 60 Minutes, has passed away. He worked until five weeks ago.  He was 92 years old. I heard a snippet of an  interview yesterday on NPR; his daughter was speaking about how people thought he must be great to have around at home because he was so funny. She mentioned that he always felt that he got paid to be exactly who he was – a rude person. He was able to voice his opinions and be appreciated for doing so. His daughter said that  living with him wasn’t funny.

Wouldn’t you just love it if you could be paid for expressing your opinions, and so WELL paid! I have met a few people (in fact, MANY!) who would do a great job based on their attitudes! Maybe they should apply to CBS to replace Andy! Let’s look at the possible interview questions:

1. Do you think you are grouchy enough to keep the attention of the public?

2. Are you sure that most things annoy you? You will need to be annoyed in order to find your topics.

3. Are you aware of world and national affairs enough to complain intelligently?

4. Would your friends tell us you are well-qualified to be the next grump on Sixty Minutes?

5. Can you keep and work in a cluttered office, the way Andy did?

If you can answer “yes” to these questions,  contact 60 Minutes!  Good luck, cranky!

Andy Rooney felt that he was a lucky man in his personal life and in his work. He gave us all much to think about and a good laugh whenever we saw him on TV. He will be missed!  (This link includes a video of Andy, entitled, My Lucky Life).

RIP, Andy.

This is MeddlingMom..enjoy your LUCKY LIFE!


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