Congress-please call today on behalf of Diabetics, Medicare/Medicaid!

I received this today. Please call today; you can make a difference in many lives.

Dear Tina,

Last month, diabetes advocates all over the country urged Congress to preserve Medicare and Medicaid funding because, while we support fiscal responsibility, we cannot afford to balance the budget on the backs of people with diabetes.

But Congress’ decision is growing near. Today is your chance to speak to your Members of Congress about the importance of the Medicare and Medicaid programs to the millions of people with diabetes who rely on them to prevent the blindness, amputation, kidney dialysis and heart disease that are devastating complications of this horrible disease. We need you, Tina, to let your voice be heard by calling your Members of Congress today and letting them know that cutting Medicare and Medicaid programs will create problems, not solve them.

 There are 3.5 million Medicaid enrollees with diabetes and 10.9 million Medicare beneficiaries with diabetes. Without these programs, many people with diabetes would struggle.

Call Congress now about preserving Medicare and Medicaid
 Call: 866-459-1206
and see below for next steps

  • When prompted, enter your zip code and press “1” to confirm you’ve entered it correctly. You’ll be connected to one of your elected officials’ offices.
  • When a staff person answers, ask to speak to the health aide. Tell the health aide that, as a constituent and advocate for the American Diabetes Association, you strongly urge your Representative/Senator to support Medicare and Medicaid programs because it’s important to people with diabetes!
  • Mention if you have a personal connection to diabetes, Medicare, or Medicaid.
  • Most calls will end there, and you’ll be connected to another one of your Members of Congress.
  • If you reach the legislator’s voicemail, press star two (*2) after leaving a message.

Advocates for the American Diabetes Association need to call today to ensure the phones on Capitol Hill are ringing off the hook in support of people who rely on Medicare and Medicaid. Don’t pass up this chance to speak to your legislators and tell them that you support protecting people with diabetes and these vital programs!

Thank you for your help in the fight to Stop Diabetes®.


John Griffin Jr. John Griffin Jr.
John Griffin, Jr.
Chair of the Board, American Diabetes Association

 November is American Diabetes Month! The time could not be more pressing to take advantage of this awareness opportunity by telling your legislators what Medicare and Medicaid mean to people with diabetes.



This is MeddlingMom…thanks for making that call…


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