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Clergy fighting??? And politics-my take on it! Electronics gone awry!

December 30, 2011

This is pretty interesting! I am of Armenian ancestry so I found this particularly interesting.  It is  startling because I have usually found Greeks and Armenians to be somewhat kindred spirits because of their feelings toward Turkey.

Clergy Fights at the Church of the Nativity in Jerusalem-preparing for the upcoming eastern rite Christmas celebration. Fights at the Church of the Nativity in Jerusalem-preparing for the upcoming eastern rite Christmas celebration.

Now onto some politics and what is working and not working for Americans… With all of the great debates that have been going on to show us which Republican presidential candidate is the most fantastic…..the great thing is that there isn’t one viable presidential candidate in the bunch, at least not one has been presented yet. I just love it…are you going to tell me there isn’t one person in the party who doesn’t agree with waterboarding or who is pro-choice? I mean, moderate Republicans have no one to vote for! What people should be focusing on is the nasty members of congress who refuse to be concerned for this country and its people.  Where is our revolution?  The Occupy movement is doing it’s best but it needs everyone’s help.  We are all just a little too comfortable to be bothered, it seems.  Stores are closing left and right, the latest Sears closing many stores..and K MArt  ….that is pretty frightening.  Obama needs to do everything he can and not put up with  these nasty representatives and senators…The problem is that he is truly a community organizer, and he expects everyone to “play nice”. He keeps looking for the traitors to present their best  and act like patriots and they aren’t willing to be their best. Their goal is to get the Dem out of the White House. That’s their only goal.  I don’t know why the American people don’t see what a mess George Bush created and how nasty these people are and vote out those who are only there to fight.  I understand our system is designed so that there are opposites with competing ideals, but these jerks who don’t ever say anything about what Americans need should be thrown out.

We do also  need term limits, probably, but more than that we need the corporations and the lobbyists to have limited access…they should have as much access as you and I have…which is just about NONE….truly, if you look at the meeting schedules I can’t imagine who would even want the jobs these people have. they have no time to read a bill, much less to absorb it, debate it, understand the  nuance related to it.  And we need campaign finance reform and public ads so that everyone can have equal time…oh, and how about only 6 months of campaigning…isn’t that what they do in Europe?   Well, you heard my 2 cents’ worth!

Of course we are all exhausted from hearing all of the nonsense, but the real reason we aren’t involved is because Americans are  so busy communicating via e-mail, text message, twitter, facebook, voicemail, etc.  This is what we are truly interested in…escaping thinking about what is important and PLAYING….when is the last time you spent time playing a game with your child or having a conversation that was longer than 30 seconds even with your spouse?  When did you last spend time with a friend and leave your electronics in the car while you were in the restaurant, movie, hospital, salon, store, etc.?

Here is what Americans are all caught up in…giving kindles and expensive cell phones to 4 year olds! This is the new American value system…utterly insane!  And we will wonder why children who have too much stuff act like brats, want more, more, more no matter how much they have. Partially because their parents do.  Put away all electronics including movies and TV in your home for one week, except for one hour per day where everyone can use their “toys”. I wonder how different your conversations and relationships would be. I bet you might plan and cook a meal together…what a concept  or talk about how to get along with people. You might find out what is really of interest to your partner or your sister.

I bet you might suddenly find that you have time!

That’s all for today…thei si MeddlingMom…think about it…people are important…electronic toys are not…Happy New Year!

Christmas gotten the best of you? Was it worth it?

December 27, 2011

I wrote this last week several days before Christmas. Now that the day has passed and my partner and I attended a wonderful family party and church on Christmas Eve and then my partner ended up as sick as a dog for the next 2 and a half days, I definitely stand by what I wrote last week.

Here’s what seems crazy to me…

I am not really even celebrating Christmas this year. I have pretty much decided for a number of reasons to do just about nothing about this holiday this year. Having said that, things do then start to creep in. I DO need to send SOME cards, right? Of course, how much effort can that take? Hrumpf…really? for me it meant going into 4 or 5 stores before I could even find a box of cards…that’s right. Do you know how much time that took? Parking, schlepping through the store to find cards, assessing what it is you DO find, making the decision whether to go with these ordinary cards or to keep looking which probably means going to at least 2 or 3 more stores. Now that is just the piece to find the cards, then there is going to the post office to buy stamps, addressing the cards, writing a note in each card. That is only one aspect of the holiday!

Add to that every step of the process for :

Baking cookies and breads, making family specialties, figuring out what to buy for all of those people who don’t need anything, doing the actual gift shopping, buying food for the holiday and the days around it when someone might stop in, buying clothes to wear for the holiday and to various parties in the next few weeks, making donations to charities and local groups to help the needy, getting a pedicure, manicure, hair cut, brow wax-all the things we MUST do to look “GOOD”! Even those of us who say we are not going to be a part of all of this GET SUCKED IN!

I ask you, what does any of this have to do with Jesus being born and celebrating that birth?  I think it all needs to stop..You see usually rational people fighting over this year’s coolest whatever to make sure that Biff or Buffy has absolutely everything! I mean how could they even entertain the idea of not having EVERYTHING?  I know it’s fun and the little kids get mega toys that they play with for a long time, it’s the fervor, the pitch that is enough to make a person ralph all over.

So here’s my suggestion on how to get it all done. Look at your lifestyle and your value system and JUST SAY “NO”. to what doesn’t make sense to you, to all of the add-ons and last-minutes purchases. If you didn’t purchase one more thing between now and Sunday, exactly what terrible disaster would befall you and your loved ones? Adjust your thinking and use your time to be with your loved ones, not out shopping alone for them (they don’t need one more thing…really…you know it’s true!)

It isn’t too late to pull the plug on this…I can tell you right now that the amount of food in this house is sufficient to take us through until the New Year, at least, except for perhaps, bread and milk! I wonder how much money we’d save if we didn’t spend one thin dime on any food item between now and then…it would be sizable. Here’s an example: Oh, I need to buy a gallon of iced tea for the party…response…MAKE IT…you have tea bags on hand, right?

Turn off the TV, get away from that computer, have silence and enjoy the serenity of it. Put away the check book and the cash. You’ll be surprised at the results. the best bonus is that you will be calm, feel rested and peaceful, your bank account will be healthier and your charges will be lower.

Yes, we did do some of these things, like buy last minute add-ons and from what I can see…none of this makes much sense…parties are lovely (or they can be), but I have enjoyed being sequestered in my house for the past few days and NOT celebrating anything!. It’s been very relaxing…maybe I am just too old to enjoy this holiday and all that it requires..Bah! Humbug!

One last thing…I learned yesterday that 50% of all clothing purchased as Christmas presents…HALF!!!  are returned! That was time well-spent, wasn’t it?

This is MeddlingMom…Happy New Year!

Staff at Indian hospital flees as fire kills 89-just terrible!

December 11, 2011

This is so shocking! I couldn’t believe this when I read it…

APBy MANIK BANERJEE | AP – Fri, Dec 9, 2011

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  People help carry a patient out of a hospital after it caught fire in Kolkata, India, …

KOLKATA, India (AP) — Fleeing medical staff abandoned patients to a raging fire that killed 89 people Friday as smoke and flames poured through the seven-story building in eastern India, officials said.

Police arrested six hospital officials on charges of culpable homicide in Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta. Mamata Banerjee, chief minister of the state of West Bengal, ordered the hospital’s license withdrawn. The hospital denied any violations of safety measures.

“It was horrifying that the hospital authorities did not make any effort to rescue trapped patients,” said Subrata Mukherjee, West Bengal state minister for public health engineering. “Senior hospital authorities ran away after the fire broke out.”

As the fire spread from the hospital’s basement, rescue workers on long ladders smashed windows in the upper floors of the AMRI Hospital to pull surviving patients out before they suffocated from smoke inhalation, while sobbing relatives waited on the street below. Rescue workers took patients on stretchers and in wheelchairs to a nearby hospital.

Moon Moon Chakraborty, who was in the hospital with a broken ankle, called her husband S. Chakraborty at home to tell him a fire had broken out.

“She had died by the time I reached the hospital,” her husband said.

One survivor told Indian television she was sitting by the bedside of her mother, who was on a ventilator, when smoke came into the room.

“My mother was continuously telling me that she was feeling suffocated and uneasy,” she said. “I kept ringing the bell for the nurse, but no one came.”

Rescue workers managed to evacuate her mother more than two hours after the fire started, she said.

Emergency workers pulled 73 bodies from the building, and another 16 succumbed to their injuries later, said Danayati Sen, a top Kolkata police official.

Hospital officials said four of the bodies pulled from the building were those of staff members. The remainder were presumably patients and relatives who were aiding in their care. Rescue officials said many of the dead suffered from smoke inhalation.

At the time of the blaze, there were 160 patients in the 190-bed hospital annex, said Satyabrata Upadhyay, a senior vice president of the AMRI hospital company.

The loss of life was “extremely unfortunate and painful,” but the facility followed strict fire safety measures, he said. He promised to give 200,000 rupees (about $4,000) to the relatives of the dead.

“We deeply sympathize and share the pain and agony of the family members of the patients admitted here,” he said.

The expensive AMRI private hospital was recently rated one of the best hospitals in the city by an Indian magazine.

However, safety regulations are routinely ignored at hospitals throughout India, where it is not uncommon for fire extinguishers, if they are present at all, to be several years old and never serviced. Few buildings have fire stairs, and fire drills are virtually unheard of.

The blaze erupted about 3:30 a.m. in the building’s basement, and heavy smoke quickly engulfed the hospital. The area was used for storage, but the cause of the fire was not immediately known.

The fire and the smoke were first noticed by residents of a massive slum close to the hospital, according to witnesses. Some of them rushed to the hospital and raised an alarm, but security guards stopped them, saying there was a small fire in the kitchen and no cause for worry. As the smoke enveloped the building, the slum dwellers joined in the rescue effort.

It took firefighters more than an hour to arrive after the blaze started, said Pradeep Sarkar, a witness. His uncle was in the hospital after having a heart attack and was moved to another hospital after the fire.

Narrow streets apparently made it difficult for fire trucks to get close to the building and for firefighters to bring in the big hydraulic ladders needed to evacuate those trapped inside. Eventually, they smashed the main gate to make way for the ladders.

Banerjee, the chief minister, said that while the fire brigade was delayed, police arrived quickly to help with the rescue effort.

Patients and relatives complained that hospital staff did little to help and that smoke detectors failed to go off.

Sudipta Nundy said his brother-in-law Amitabha Das was being treated for an infection at the hospital. He died by the time rescuers arrived at his smoke-filled ward.

“He would have survived had hospital authorities allowed outsiders in early to evacuate the patients,” he said.

Dozens of fire engines eventually arrived at the hospital. By midmorning, the fire was under control and most of the patients had been moved to other hospitals, said Javed Khan, the state fire services minister.

But state officials said the hospital staff did nothing to aid in the rescue operations.

“It’s a very serious offense, and we will take the strongest action,” said Banerjee.

Not all patients said they were abandoned.

Jyoti Chaudhary, a patient in his late 60s, was lucky to survive. “With the help of a hospital worker, I came down the staircase and later was moved to a nearby hospital.”

Associated Press photographer Bikas Das contributed to this report.

Can you believe that they said the deceaseds’ relatives would receive $4000?  That’s what their loss is worth. There aren’t any words I can think of to express my devastating feelings about this.  I will attempt to figure out what $4000 in India would equal in this country in terms of buying power.
This is MeddlingMom…have a good week.

Korea’s Got Talent! Sung-Bong Choi!

December 10, 2011

Sung-Bong Choi…check out this link to hear this young man’s performance.   He ran away from an orphanage at age 5 after being mistreated.  He is so talented. I know this sounds impossible.  Appreciate his gift of talent and the  perseverance he has developed.

Let this fill your heart and help you to consider just how fortunate you are.  Every time you feel that your life is simply not fair, think of him and know that you can endure whatever is thrown your way and you can come out a better person through your experiences and the strength you find within yourself…..

The beauty of this young man and his voice…makes my day.

This is MeddlingMom….

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