Korea’s Got Talent! Sung-Bong Choi!

Sung-Bong Choi…check out this link to hear this young man’s performance.   He ran away from an orphanage at age 5 after being mistreated.  He is so talented. I know this sounds impossible.  Appreciate his gift of talent and the  perseverance he has developed.

Let this fill your heart and help you to consider just how fortunate you are.  Every time you feel that your life is simply not fair, think of him and know that you can endure whatever is thrown your way and you can come out a better person through your experiences and the strength you find within yourself…..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZ46Ot4_lLo&feature=related

The beauty of this young man and his voice…makes my day.

This is MeddlingMom….


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4 Responses to “Korea’s Got Talent! Sung-Bong Choi!”

  1. [VIDEO] Homeless Boy Proves Himself An Unbelievably Amazing Man. | Practikel Says:

    […] Korea’s Got Talent! Sung-bong Choi! (meddlingmom.wordpress.com) […]

  2. indian tribes Says:

    On My Twitter Feed…

    I Then looked at my feed and spotted someone sharing a link to the blog…

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