Clergy fighting??? And politics-my take on it! Electronics gone awry!

This is pretty interesting! I am of Armenian ancestry so I found this particularly interesting.  It is  startling because I have usually found Greeks and Armenians to be somewhat kindred spirits because of their feelings toward Turkey.

Clergy Fights at the Church of the Nativity in Jerusalem-preparing for the upcoming eastern rite Christmas celebration. Fights at the Church of the Nativity in Jerusalem-preparing for the upcoming eastern rite Christmas celebration.

Now onto some politics and what is working and not working for Americans… With all of the great debates that have been going on to show us which Republican presidential candidate is the most fantastic…..the great thing is that there isn’t one viable presidential candidate in the bunch, at least not one has been presented yet. I just love it…are you going to tell me there isn’t one person in the party who doesn’t agree with waterboarding or who is pro-choice? I mean, moderate Republicans have no one to vote for! What people should be focusing on is the nasty members of congress who refuse to be concerned for this country and its people.  Where is our revolution?  The Occupy movement is doing it’s best but it needs everyone’s help.  We are all just a little too comfortable to be bothered, it seems.  Stores are closing left and right, the latest Sears closing many stores..and K MArt  ….that is pretty frightening.  Obama needs to do everything he can and not put up with  these nasty representatives and senators…The problem is that he is truly a community organizer, and he expects everyone to “play nice”. He keeps looking for the traitors to present their best  and act like patriots and they aren’t willing to be their best. Their goal is to get the Dem out of the White House. That’s their only goal.  I don’t know why the American people don’t see what a mess George Bush created and how nasty these people are and vote out those who are only there to fight.  I understand our system is designed so that there are opposites with competing ideals, but these jerks who don’t ever say anything about what Americans need should be thrown out.

We do also  need term limits, probably, but more than that we need the corporations and the lobbyists to have limited access…they should have as much access as you and I have…which is just about NONE….truly, if you look at the meeting schedules I can’t imagine who would even want the jobs these people have. they have no time to read a bill, much less to absorb it, debate it, understand the  nuance related to it.  And we need campaign finance reform and public ads so that everyone can have equal time…oh, and how about only 6 months of campaigning…isn’t that what they do in Europe?   Well, you heard my 2 cents’ worth!

Of course we are all exhausted from hearing all of the nonsense, but the real reason we aren’t involved is because Americans are  so busy communicating via e-mail, text message, twitter, facebook, voicemail, etc.  This is what we are truly interested in…escaping thinking about what is important and PLAYING….when is the last time you spent time playing a game with your child or having a conversation that was longer than 30 seconds even with your spouse?  When did you last spend time with a friend and leave your electronics in the car while you were in the restaurant, movie, hospital, salon, store, etc.?

Here is what Americans are all caught up in…giving kindles and expensive cell phones to 4 year olds! This is the new American value system…utterly insane!  And we will wonder why children who have too much stuff act like brats, want more, more, more no matter how much they have. Partially because their parents do.  Put away all electronics including movies and TV in your home for one week, except for one hour per day where everyone can use their “toys”. I wonder how different your conversations and relationships would be. I bet you might plan and cook a meal together…what a concept  or talk about how to get along with people. You might find out what is really of interest to your partner or your sister.

I bet you might suddenly find that you have time!

That’s all for today…thei si MeddlingMom…think about it…people are important…electronic toys are not…Happy New Year!


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