CANCER- pass along a candle….

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A small request.. Just one line.

Dear God,  I pray for a cure for cancer.  Amen
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All  you are asked to do is keep this circulating, even if it’s   Only to one more person.

In memory of anyone you know who has been  struck down by cancer or is still living with  it. Cancer Survivors (and I am one) and their loved ones are also a piece of this. Seemingly everyone is impacted. A Candle Loses Nothing by Lighting Another Candle.. Please Keep This  Candle  Going  – 

This is MeddlingMom…in peace and love….have a good weekend.




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2 Responses to “CANCER- pass along a candle….”

  1. Heather Lenore Says:

    Tina – Enjoyed, of course your posting!! I, too being a cancer survivor also. It is amazing how many people have or know of someone with cancer!! I will try and send this to some of my friends!! Hugs – Heather

  2. Tina Carrigan Says:

    Yes, Heather, as I was sending the blog out to my lists and selecting names, I was struck by how many of the people on my lists either had cancer at some point or had someone close to them who had had that diagnosis. My mother was 57 when she died (1975), long before the colonoscopies of today were available. I understand colonoscopy was first available in 1969…but was slow to be used.
    Thanks for reading and passing along…

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