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The 4 Most Annoying Things I Love About My Family

March 3, 2012
I just came across this in an old e-mail from last year. I just love it…I have been a fan of Donna Brazile for many years.  My won family is very entertaining…interesting…full of drama…always there when they are truly needed…my niece says, “I love my Crazy Family!” I, too, love my crazy family!
The 4 Most  Annoying Things I Love About My Family
By Donna  Brazile O, The Oprah  Magazine  |  From the July 2011 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine
Big Family Photo: Thinkstock
1. They’ve got kids. My  eight siblings have produced 15 nieces and nephews, and let me tell you: They’re  a lot of work. Every time we solve a crisis over one’s schooling or boyfriend,  something else erupts. But I couldn’t love them more if they were my own.
2. They can laugh at anything. My parents taught us to crack  jokes through the hardest of times. I sometimes doubt my family would have  survived Hurricane Katrina—which scattered us to eight states—if we hadn’t been  able to find humor in the little things. Like when my dad, a 75-year-old  widower, ended up in a shelter in San Antonio, reading palms and chatting up  women. When he came home with one, you can bet we laughed at that,  too.
3. They knew me back when. I get embarrassed when my siblings  remind me that I ran our family like a dictatorship by the time I was 10. But at  least I never have to explain myself. My habits of hoarding pens and obsessively  checking the weather? We grew up poor in hurricane alley; they get it.
4. They’re the life of the party. When I invited my sisters to a  Motown bash at the White House, I was a little mortified to see them shaking  their tail feathers all over the Rose Garden. But okay, I joined in. Let’s just  say the Braziles shut that thing down.

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The older and wiser I become, the more important my family becomes to me…each person is special, unique, worthwhile…no matter what our challenges, foibles, flaws…that’s just the way it is when you love people, isn’t it?

This is MeddlingMom…I hope you have  a wonderful weekend and if you have some family or friends who you love, pass this along to them…share the sentiment of what you feel and their importance to you…

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