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Technology-here’s real help for those who are challenged!

September 17, 2010

Several months ago, I received a message from my daughter who knows just how technologically challenged I am. I am self-taught on the computer.  I do pretty well, but there is so much that I don’t know how to do, especially when it comes to refining work. There is a new-ish company called FloH Club (as in Florence Henderson of Brady Bunch fame).  Florence Henderson who is in her 70’s felt that there was a need for tech support for seniors. Don’t worry if you aren’t a senior citizen;  FloH Club does not discriminate if you are not a senior and need help.  Becoming a member has made such a difference to me; I feel such relief.  For $25/month or $250/year, I can call anytime I need help with my computer and anything related to the computer.  This is great for the Baby Boomers…I no longer feel so vulnerable when I need help understanding what to do when I receive weird messages (and I know you receive these, too!).

FloH Club even gives you a link on your desktop; when you need help, you simply open it, click on and it issues you a ticket number.  You call and give that number to the tech who will be working with you.

Another site for those who are challenged…check out eldergadget…if you google “floh club”, you’ll come up with some other helpful sites for the “challenged”.

This is MeddlingMom…good luck with your computer, etc.

Astrology, Mercury in retrograde and a Full Moon!

April 27, 2010

This is MeddlingMom,

Astrology is impacting my life this week; see what you think. How much do you know about it?

I wonder how your week is going. I had a great weekend, though Sunday (during the day) felt a little stressful. Sunday evening, I received an unsettling phone call that one of the children I care for each day will not be returning to the daycare. Things have been going smoothly in the daycare. I recently hired someone to help part time and she is working out nicely. My daycare contract states that 30 days notice is required for termination.  There was NO NOTICE given.  Anyway, such a change impacts my income and that of my employee. It also feels pretty crummy to have no notice because each child is very special to me and would be missed. I put a lot of time and energy into learning to understand what each child needs and how each child functions. Unique individuals….So there was definitely an OUCH! factor involved here. I also have the consideration of whether my new employee will feel threatened or upset by the news wondering whether her job and her income are in jeopardy.  So that was a conversation that happened several times over…I will work diligently to add another child to the daycare, part time or full time.

This morning I backed my car into my employee’s car……c.r ..u.n.c.h.!  I had no idea there was anything in back of me…Ugh! That was when we were getting ready to take the children to story time at the library. I was really rattled…I had already whacked my head hard on my car while leaning into the car. The kids were clamoring at the front door, banging on it…letting me know they were ready to leave…so I was just a little distracted…not an excuse.  Luckily it looks like there isn’t too much damage to Missy’s car or to mine.

All of these events are baffling to say the least. My life has been going along so smoothly. Although I work long hours, things have been rather seamless. Then someone mentioned to me yesterday that Mercury is in retrograde and has been since April 18…that explains  a lot. Things seem to go haywire and just don’t work when Mercury is in retrograde. Unfortunately, this will be the situation until May 13.  Then I found out that there will be a full moon on April 28. A  full moon usually impacts at least a week around the actual date. These two factors allow me to have some understanding regarding the shambles my life appears to be this week. Full moons can be emotional times; people seem to do things that make no sense at all, things that are out of character for that individual.

What I am wondering is whether you are experiencing upsetting moments due to Mercury in retrograde or the upcoming full moon.

Have a smooth day…

Easter and other holidays

April 5, 2010

Yesterday was Easter…what did you do? Is it a big holiday for you, do you celebrate it with your family or do you prefer to treat it like any other day, rather than a holiday…or perhaps you aren’t a Christian and don’t acknowledge it at all.  This year my partner and I did nothing about the holiday…we seem to be very busy in our every day lives so we decided to just be…in the house…quietly doing whatever we wanted…not needing a ham or lamb or anything except solitude and peace.  It was a great day..for me going through bags of paper…mail, notes to myself, lists, periodicals, catalogs, coupons and so much more.  Do you have paper clutter at your house?  Mine is just insane, so it was great to have a day where I could look through and purge much of it…

Actually on Friday some young friends of ours who do not happen to be Christian were here and we cooked 3 dozen eggs which they happily dyed and decorated; they had a great time…so we really felt we had already done a little something for Easter.

I encourage you  to spend your time as you wish, doing what makes you happy and content; usually we spend holidays with family. We always have a great time, just as we did yesterday.
On another note, I heard about two books this morning while watching Good Morning America on ABC.

Take a look at “This Is Not The Story You Think It Is” by Laura Munson.  It is Ms. Munson’s story about taking charge of her life when she had marital problems, about becoming powerful rather than powerless and assessing what she wanted and needed..

The other book, written by Suzy Welch is entitled “10-10-10”.  Her book is about a systematic way of making the right decisions about your life, incorporating your values and priorities into the decision-making process. The paperback edition has a workbook in it also.

Have a good day. Hope your Easter was as good as mine…

This is MeddlingMom…

Monique, Sandra, Jeff, Christoph Waltz, The Hurt Locker

March 8, 2010

Wow!  What an exciting night…The Academy Awards …Just about all of the women looked beautiful in magnificent gowns (there were a few that were not great, but most were truly beautiful).  As I heard earlier (on Sunday) it’s really great that the Oscars have been presented and within a few days we can stop talking about them.  This year there was way too much talk before the ceremony and too many bits and pieces of interviews were shown…nothing was new when I actually viewed the interviews…it had already been said…be sure to see the Hurt Locker, Precious, The Blind Side, Inglourious Basterds, Up In The Air, Julie and Julia, It’s Complicated..

This is MeddlingMom…

How’s your health? Eat RAW!

February 22, 2010

I’ve been studying what to do to lose mucho weight, become fit and healthy and leave behind all of my prescriptions for medications…I’ve been watching Doctor Oz, who offers an incredible amount of useful concepts and tips for becoming healthier. A friend of mine, told me she has also been watching The Doctor’s and has learned a lot about how to get healthier.

My conclusion is that it is completely up to me to figure out what works for my body’ I am very tired of the tired old answers…diet, exercise, have bypass surgery or a lapband procedure…for some reason, those things don’t work for most people…I believe the food supply is a culprit…processed foods to be precise.  Between high fructose corn syrup, all forms of MSG (which helps makes lab rats FAT!) and the chemicals, additives, preservatives, we are killing ourselweves..our bodies cannot figure out what to do with all of that processed muck we are feeding ourselves…we can’t process the unnatural substances we are ingesting…

My daughter sent me a link last week that touts eating RAW foods and getting rid of your diabetes in a short period of time.  Here it is…

If you’d prefer a book as opposed to a DVD, check out this link:

Good luck! Do this for your family, your loved will save your life!

This is MeddlingMom


December 13, 2009

This is MeddlingMom.

I had a great time yesterday visiting with some friends, having a nice homemade meal  and playing with their little girl.  Here I sit today…it is nearly 6 PM,…and I have a list a mile long of things I must accomplish in the next week. I’ve completed nothing, nada! I haven’t even showered…I guess we all have days like this…the only problem is that tomorrow at 7:30AM, my doors open for business…I have a small daycare in my home…the little ones will be arriving and I will lose all ability to accomplish anything on my list until after 5:30PM…such is life…Of course we all know we need some down time to simply be mindless and we know that everything that needs to be done, WILL be done!  At some point, we recognize that there is no choice and no more time to procrastinate

So I wonder what you do to cut to the chase and to manage your list…my list seems to grow and grow with little opportunity to have many items crossed off of it…I am open to suggestion….

I guess I will go look at my list, attempt to complete a few small items, have a shower, have dinner and settle in to some  fun TV…60 Minutes, Oprah’s special at the Whitehouse…of course Brothers and Sisters isn’t on tonight due to Oprah’s special.  I don’t feel particularly stressed about any of this right now; I feel pretty zen…at least ’til I stop typing this …

Have a good night.

Christmas, Chanukkah, Kwanzaa, what else?

December 8, 2009

Christmas, Chanukkah, Kwanzaa….I am wondering at this time of year…  .how do you feel if you do not celebrate the big “C”? take your pick…Christ or Christmas…the insanity of the media, commercials, Christmas music, Christmas shows, Christmas gifts, holiday shopping, etc. What is it like for you or your children if you don’t celebrate a gift-giving holiday (Holy Day)….I have some young friends who are not Christian. I have not had the courage to ask the children how they feel about all of this celebrating? and gift giving that they will not be a part of…at the very least it must make them feel DIFFERENT.  How tough is that…..Christmas songs at school, Christmas decorations, Santa Claus everywhere…I wonder how they feel.

I know I am not thrilled with all of the hoopla…it leaves nothing to the imagination and not much opportunity to create an original thought on how to celebrate…mind boggling…listed below are 2 alternative ideas for those who DO have gifts to buy and are looking for something a little more interesting and something truly unique.

There is a wonderful new company, Automated Man with a great product and service for men.

With Automated Man you’ll get all your toiletry needs delivered to your door, once a month, name brands cheaper than you’d pay at the store (no kidding!). $140 worth of stuff, for only $39.99

Sign Up once, cancel whenever……

With Automated Mom, if you are a mom and have a son who lives away from home, take a look at  You can take care of your son…and stay in charge of your finances.
Automated Man/Mom will deliver all your son’s must-have toiletries every month. This is a great bargain and you will always know that your son or brother or whatever male in your life won’t run out of toiletries (including condoms-and that’s critical!)…they simply won’t have to think about these products…again…Visit the websites to watch informative videos and read the blog…lots of cool things to read and see.
Subscribe and Save Now!

Package Deal!

The other item that is unique is the gift (maybe to yourself!) of the services of a Personal Life Coach.  Coaching is a partnership formed between a Personal Life Coach/Strategist and a Client in order to collaborate to define the Client’s current situation and goals and devise a strategy to pro-actively create a better life for the Client.

“A fulfilling life is one in which your life and actions reflect your values and priorities.” Take a look at to better understand the range of services available.

I hope this has been helpful and that your time in the next few weeks will be a little calmer. Chaos Control Coaching’s website has a number of interesting articles on a variety of topics (Stress, Parenting, ADD/ADHD, Divorce, Bridal Jitters, Relationship Tips) that may be of interest to you or someone in your tribe.

Have a good night.


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